Predictive autodialing of phone numbers

Download a database of contacts for your call to your OneBox system and run a predictive autodialer. Your call center operators do not need to dial numbers — OneBox in the background automatically calls in turn to subscribers of the database. Successful connections are distributed between free operators, if the number does not answer, then OneBox will try again to dial through the set time. If the number is not relevant, the system transfers the contact to the group "Subscribers are not available". Thus, OneBox speeds up the call and sorts the contact database.

Incoming calls control and calls routing

The OneBox system automatically distributes incoming calls between your employees. The customer calls your office and the call is automatically transferred to the manager who last communicated with the client. If managers are busy and the call was missed, the OneBox system will assign the task to the manager "Missed call. Call back! ".

Pop-up window for incoming call

With an incoming call, the manager sees a pop-up window with information about the client, can quickly add a new lead to the database, start a business process or create an order. The convenience of the function is that the manager does not have to search for the contact card on the database, he immediately sees who is calling him, what tasks or orders are associated with this client — this saves a lot of time and speeds up the work of operators at times. Customize for your tasks pop-ups when calling windows: who will be shown which fields will be displayed.

Automatic start of workflows by incoming call

Specify which business process the system will start automatically when the call is received. If the number is only for receiving orders, then OneBox will automatically start the "New Order" business process for the incoming call. In the order, the system will pull up data about the customer, if it was not the first time it was applied. The operator will only have to add the selected products to the order, specify the terms of delivery and payment. The speed of processing orders and calls will increase significantly and you will get 100% of creating business processes for each incoming call, ignoring the standard of work OneBox simply will not allow.

Control of missed calls

No call will not be ignored, OneBox with integrated IP-telephony provides 100% processing of all incoming calls. If all operators are busy and did not answer the call, the system will save the number of the caller and put the task to the manager — "Missed call. Call back. "

Building communication chains

All the missed, outgoing, incoming calls, as well as letters and SMS messages, the system saves in the database and binds them to contact cards. For each client, you can open a communication history built in a chain and analyze it. Correspondence and calls for all years of work with the client will be saved and arranged in chronological order. The system tracks the sequence of actions in successful transactions, finds patterns and tells you when to contact with whom or when the customer will call you.

Integration with phonet telephony

Virtual PBX Phonet helps significantly strengthen your OneBox, combining the best features of CRM and IP-telephony for business automation.
Accept incoming calls and call customers directly through the OneBox interface with the Phonet Virtual PBX. In this case, the client card will pop up on the screen or create a lead for a new contact.

Wiretapping of phone calls

All conversations on work telephony are saved in the form of audio recordings, which can be found in the history of events and listen. The records can be downloaded to the computer. Remember all the details of the conversation is not easy, but you can always open the record and listen to the conversation. Also the function allows administrators to monitor employees of the contact center: how the operator communicates, whether the standard of operation, what tone of conversation he can withstand, and so on.

Integration with telephony telelogroup ukraine

Virtual PBX will combine all the working numbers of your company in a single call center, regardless of their location. Wherever your office is located, customers will definitely get through to you. Your phone numbers will not be tied to the office, you can use them in any convenient place. You will also have a voice menu, call forwarding, call pick-up and conference. Calls can be recorded and saved for further analysis, training of employees, or resolution of contentious issues.

Transferring of sound recordings of calls to the tag cloud

The beauty of tags is that you quickly find the required records on them, even if you have no idea how these records are named, by whom and when they are created. You simply type in the keyword (tag) and the system shows you all the options in which this tag is mentioned. OneBox recognizes a phone call record and turns it into text. Next, this system will check for the presence of the tag that you are looking for.

Recognition of sound recordings of calls into the text chat

Communication on a working IP-telephony system OneBox saves in two separate records: the client's words and the words of the manager. Further, these records are recognized, translated into text, superimposed on each other, so a chat is formed with questions and answers. Such a text display of the conversation is analyzed by the system according to the specified criteria. Text recognition occurs on Google services or Yandex.

Working with Grandstream

After choosing a communication provider, you may decide to equip your office with physical equipment for IP telephony: telephones, conference calls, video calls. To do this, we recommend that you pay attention to the devices that Grandstream provides. In our offices, managers work with such IP-telephony devices. Grandstream Networks is one of the leading manufacturers of IP-telephony and IP-video surveillance equipment. The work of the company's equipment is based on the use of the open SIP protocol. Grandstream Networks is one of the five largest VoIP equipment manufacturers in the world.

Stop-words recognition in phone calls

The call center administrator does not need to listen to all call records. Often, one person can not physically listen to the records of conversations of even a few call center managers. Leaders, as a rule, listen only selected at random records to identify violations and evaluate the operator's work. But the OneBox system records the recorded telephone conversations into text, and then analyzes this text for the presence of stop words. If OneBox finds stop words — the system notifies the administrator that you need to listen to this call. Thus, OneBox automatically monitors the work of the call center, detects violations and reports them.

Integration with Asterisk telephony

Telephony Asterisk integrated with OneBox gives you all the features of a classical PBX and call control functions: voice mail, conference call, interactive voice menu (IVR), queuing and distribution for employees, detailed call record (Call Detail Record). OneBox system based on calls will set tasks and start business processes.

Integration with FreeBPX telephony

If your office uses FreeBPX telephony, then integrating it with your OneBox system will not be a problem. OneBox will check calls on your work telephony, set tasks for them, monitor the execution of a return call in response to a missed call. Incoming calls will be distributed to managers according to the settings that you select. Also, the OneBox system will open a pop-up window for quick processing of the call with an incoming call.

Integration with Zadarma cloud telephony

IP-telephony Zadarma — a network of telephone communications through the Internet. In it, calls do not depend on city or mobile telephone networks. Call from anywhere in the world and from any device connected to the Internet: computer, mobile, IP-phone or office mini-ats.

Integration with KyivStar cloud telephony

Cloud telephony Kyivstar and OneBox combine communication and automation of business processes. Integration of your cloud telephony Kyivstar with OneBox will increase sales efficiency and will allow to give your customers high-quality support by phone. Integration with OneBox gives you a voice menu, call distribution, one-click calling (Click-to-call). Reduce the cost of resources to control the work of managers, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels for tracking calls. Automate business processes in which telephone communication is involved.

Integration with Binotel cloud telephony

Telephony Binotel integrated with OneBox distributes customer calls to their managers, shows who is calling you, opens a pop-up window for quick processing of the message or saving the contact to the database. Binotel will provide your call center with multi-channel calls, provide communication between departments and the ability to transfer calls to remote branches of the company.

Integration with Oktell telephony

Telephony Oktell integrates with the OneBox system and provides an information space for solving the company's problems. Call from your OneBox system in one click, accept and switch calls directly from the interface. The information and recording of the conversation will be available in the contact card. Customize automation for your goals.

Integration with Ringostat

Ringostat is a virtual cloud exchange with flexible settings and a ready-to-use interface. Integration gives you control over the quality of the work of operators, full-scale call tracking, monitoring the effectiveness of various advertising channels, their conversion. And all this will be available to you in one OneBox system.

Integration with ATC MangoOffice

MangoOffice will provide you with corporate telephony with routing, automatic distribution of calls between managers, save history and audio recordings of calls. Intercept and redirect calls, process call history on the OneBox system.

Integration with АТС ZebraTelecom

Virtual PBX ZebraTelecom will help you organize the telephony of the company with customizable algorithms for distribution of calls. Offer your customers an interactive voice menu (IVR) to relieve the load from the call center to configure the automatic distribution of incoming calls to employees and departments. All your calls via ZebraTelecom will be saved and recorded. Integration with OneBox allows you to work with data about calls in one system and automate business processes where IP telephony is involved.

Integration with Easy calls

Integrate your "Easy calls" telephony with the OneBox system, so that when you receive a call, you can see a pop-up window with the customer card that is calling. Call in one click, without dialing the numbers manually. The history of calls and audio recordings of conversations will be saved and available on the OneBox system. To speed up the work of call center operators, integrate telephony in OneBox, automate the processing of orders and monitor the work of employees.

Integration with 3G BOX telephony

Use Sim cards with your operator's tariff plans for calls. Specify convenient routing for calls, automate and manage business processes on the OneBox system. 3G BOX will redirect outgoing calls on profitable routes: if you call to MTS, the call will go from MTS number, etc. OneBox automates the work with clients through calls, you will receive records of conversations and statistics of the work of employees of the call center.

Integration with virtual АТС Stream Telecom

Integrate the Virtual PBX Stream Telecom with your OneBox system so that your customers hear a greeting when they call your company. Incoming calls will be distributed to managers and redirected, according to the settings. Call records and call history will be conveniently arranged and available for use in OneBox. Automate processes and evaluate the performance of managers and departments in the OneBox system in order to increase the effectiveness of call center operators.

Integration with Telfin telephony

Combine with your OneBox telephony system Telfin and incoming calls from your customers will be automatically forwarded with their managers. The employees will see who is calling them and what the customer ordered earlier. Call in one click, listen to calls, get call statistics and the performance of individual managers.

Contact-center automation

The OneBox system gives you automation, which will ensure the acceptance and prompt processing of all the calls of your customers. 100% of calls and letters will not go unanswered, employees will work more efficiently: most of the actions are performed by the system: generates and sends invoices, pulls customer data into the order, fills in the fields, sends notifications and starts business processes. The call center will work efficiently and transparently. A new customer calls the office, the voice menu helps to select a department. If the client is known to the system, the call is sent to the personal manager.

Integration with OnlinePBX telephony

Virtual PBX OnlinePBX integrated with your OneBox system will allow you to collect all the calls connected to the contact in the contact card, will automate the reception, processing and closing of calls or orders. Combine corporate communication with a system that monitors all calls, collects reports, identifies violations and tells you about them.

Integration with UIS telephony

UIS - telephony for personal work with each client. Virtual phone numbers for your business. Telephony for business which includes personal work with each client, is scalable and suitable for everyone: from a start-up from several people to a call center for thousands of employees.

Integration with telephony Infinity

Infinity contains all the modern functionalities necessary to organize a call center.
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