Business robot and automation

OneBox is a program that can work itself, in the background, without requiring human attention. It's a robot guarding your business, which helps you do routine or complex operations that frankly get you wrong, but you need to do them. We have a list of what OneBox can do by itself. But you can come up with any of your perversions, and we will try to implement it in the life of the robot.

Catch missed calls and monitor chimes

OneBox will be integrated into your telephony system. After that, we will teach him to catch missed calls, distribute them to your employees and control the chimes.

Collect all mail in the database

We integrate OneBox with all your mailboxes and spread out all the mail on contact cards. If the contact card is not yet — it will be created automatically. You will immediately get your entire database of contacts with real email addresses, and in each contact you will see a chain of letters.

Segment contact database

It's not enough just to build a database of contacts, you need to divide it into the right groups to work with it correctly. We together with you will make the list of desired groups from our catalog, we will adjust the segmentation rules.

Mass Scheduled mailing

- We will create a database of contacts on the basis of integration with your mailboxes,
- configure the templates of letters from our catalog,
- enable scheduled mailings,
- if desired, we will do sending via SendPulse, UniSender or MailChimp services.

Catch orders in the mail and send them to employees

Let's be honest, most of the orders from your site fall on the mail, and employees often miss them. OneBox will, by various rules, catch orders in the mail, create system reminders to managers, immediately send them SMS or PUSH notifications (directly to the phone screen) about a new order. You do not even have to check mail.

Make Trigger Mailings

On all new orders that have not been served or passed into a state of failure, OneBox itself with the background will send a series of letters, remind the customer about the order. While the client does not buy or refuse to receive letters.

Massively send SMS

Do you want to remind your actions to all your customers and partners? No question: OneBox will create a schedule of shares, and will constantly remind them to all subscribers via SMS.

Visitor on the site — SMS manager

Once a person has opened your letter or visited your site — OneBox will immediately send your employee an SMS with the phone number and customer name, just call and discuss the offer.

Remind managers of customers

OneBox can remind your managers about the need to call a regular customer, because he is about to order something.

Collect requests from sites and distribute them to managers

OneBox can be integrated with your website or online store, or several sites. All applications will be distributed between your managers, managers will receive system reminders in the form of letters or SMS or PUSH notifications on the smartphone screen. At the end of the day, the department manager

Guess email of all visitors to your site

OneBox has a unique opportunity: to catch the email of visitors to your site even before they write something to you or leave a request.

Give customers bonuses for their purchases

Want to implement a loyalty program and give out bonuses, but to inform each customer about the information is expensive? OneBox will do it for you: write to each client a letter, sms, check openness, remind about the bonus balance, charge or write off bonuses for the last purchases. You only need to tell us about the rules of the bonus program to our specialists.

Send promotional codes to customers

OneBox can send customers promotional codes with a small discount to stimulate the following purchases of existing customers. The discount rules, the frequency of sending promotional codes and the way you deliver messages, you can ask yourself.

Read how much your business has earned

Do you want to receive information every evening on the balance of your company, how much money did you earn today, how much did you spend, what kind of creditor and debit are you? OneBox can count this automatically and send a report to the mail.

Track geolocation of employees and equipment

Do you want OneBox to show where your employees or equipment are located, on what routes did they move? This is not just possible, but there are several ways to do it.

To fix calls of your employees, even with Nokia 1100

Since we cooperate with almost all mobile operators, we can arrange for you the integration of GSM-phones of your employees and our OneBox. How it works?

Compare employees by number of actions and effectiveness

Every night, OneBox will send a report to the mail, telling which of your employees what to do today.

Translate conversations into the tag cloud

OneBox can take phone calls and translate them into text (formally into a tag cloud). Based on the information received, you can search for certain stop words (mate, speech speed, mention of the goods) and analyze the dialogue of the employees, not listening to the sound recording chats.

Independently call customers

Independently call a group of clients according to a specified conversation scenario: conduct a survey, talk about the offer of the company, evaluate the quality of service.

Get new customers from facebook and instagram

- you give an ad in facebook or instagram (we will help, if that);
- when you click on this ad, OneBox immediately catches the customer's contacts (lead);
- transfers these contacts to the right manager or managers.

Congratulate your contact database on your birthday

Just set the congratulation text or use the template — and OneBox will automatically congratulate you on the birthday of your customers and partners. But, it will not be a classic postcard-accordion, which goes into spam. A greeting letter will be personalized, it will be sent from the employee's mailbox with whom your client has recently communicated.

Download all new companies-Lidas

We can integrate your OneBox with many open sources in Ukraine and the CIS. For example, all new companies that are registered in Ukraine will be automatically placed in your contact database. What to do with them further — the question is only in the limitations of your imagination.

Thank customers for payments

Do you want to automatically send a client a letter or sms "Thank you, your payment for the amount xxx received"? OneBox knows how to do it himself, without the help of employees.

Remind customers of debts and late payments

Tired of calling customers and knocking out debts? Charge the OneBox debit. In the event of a debt on the customer, OneBox will launch an automatic series of letters and sms with a reminder of payment, including the "last Chinese warning".

Automatically hire employees

We can integrate your OneBox with popular job sites (for example,, Each candidate who will respond to your vacancy will be sent an electronic questionnaire, which will result in the candidate being interviewed at a time convenient for you.

Automatically trainee beginners

When you take a beginner to work — it takes you a long time to introduce it into the course of the matter. OneBox allows you to automate such internships. In one click, you start an internship program that will hold an employee by the nuances of your company and his position, at the end will ask and test the test. And you will know 100% that the employee is suitable for you, since he is trained.

Automatically fire employees

Set the rules and indicators, after which you are guaranteed to dismiss the employee. (For example, if for a week the sales manager did not make a single call.) If these rules are found, access to the employee will automatically be blocked, he will be shown a nice message that he is fired. And the manager will receive his notification.

Create reminders for employees

To ensure that your employees do not forget to perform their duties — OneBox can independently remind them of this. For example, every Monday at 9 am OneBox can send a letter to the accounting department on behalf of the manager and ask for the required report or reference. Then at 9:30 in the morning write SMS to employees with the request to gather in the meeting room. And in the evening, remind the cleaning woman about the need to clean the office. In this case, OneBox can do this by writing, calling, SMS, message in Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Follow up the process by order

If OneBox understands that the sales order is "sold out", it will notify the manager and manager about it, in a critical situation, change the manager and send a message with an apology to the client himself. The mechanism of "follow up" allows you not to miss deals because of human mistakes.

A personal cabinet for all customers

In OneBox, you can activate and distribute a personal cabinet for all of your clients and partners in the company, as well as transfer all communication with clients to tasks in your personal office.

Issue bills and documents

OneBox can automatically (or manually in a couple of clicks) write out bills and contracts to the right customers and immediately send them to the mail. You no longer need to fill out contracts in Word editors. If you have hundreds or thousands of customers — OneBox will help you automate reminder payments and arrange the correct billing of payments.

Manage the organizational structure of your company

If you want to visualize the organizational structure of your business, assign roles, clearly tell anyone who obeys — OneBox is made for you. OneBox can monitor the process, money, execution time, measurable results, letters and calls. If any deviations in the company's processes are detected, managers will be immediately notified of violations of subordinates.

Issue and take away accesses

Hiring a new employee, he needs to give access to corporate mail, issue an internal phone number, give access to OneBox. This all can be automated: you send an invitation to an employee in OneBox, and the mail and phone number are automatically given to him.

Collect all files

OneBox will collect all files in a single cloud storage. Files that are sent by mail. Files that are attached to processes. Everything will be at hand, as on one disc.

Handle price lists

OneBox can take the prices of your suppliers and constantly update and paste them, make multi-level leverage, and issue a current price with your prices for the issue. The received price with prices and availability can be transferred to your online store or sent to customers by e-mail or made available in the office of the client.
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