Automation of business-processes

Business is built on processes — the chain of stages that employees are on the way to receiving payment or for another purpose of the company. The sales manager accepted the order, received the money and sent the goods to the buyer — this is the simplest model of the business process. The bottom line is that employees perform repetitive actions and most of these processes OneBox automates and speeds up at times. The OneBox system automatically processes the customer's order, chooses the best-priced vendor and sends it an order, and the buyer will generate and send out an invoice for payment, send him an SMS with the order number. Automatic actions in the system OneBox is already more than two hundred for different tasks of your business. Functions of the system concern not only sales, but also administration, document management and enterprise resources. Build your business processes in the system to save time and resources on routine activities, and speed up maintenance and increase customer loyalty.

Constructor of business-processes

Setting up business processes in the OneBox system is implemented in such a way that, under the changing situation in the market, you quickly correct the company's work without attracting programmers to help and without losing time. The settings are intuitively understandable, as a children's designer. You build a business process from the cubes you need, the stages you call the way you need: "repeated call", "order formation", "receipt of payment" and so on. You specify automatic actions, notifications and prompts for each step. You decide in what order the employee will go through the stages and put the graphic arrows between them. For the OneBox system, the arrows are commands that the system executes and maintains the manager strictly according to the specified path. At each stage, you add those automatic actions and checks that the system will need to perform. Thus, your company's processes are automated and systemic, which will allow the system to monitor performance standards.

Formulaic business-processes

In the OneBox system, template business processes are created and configured, which are applicable to many companies. Thus, already at the first stage of introducing OneBox to your enterprise, you can feel the benefits of running automated business processes. But at the same time the system remains a flexible designer, in which you can optimize existing processes for your company or create an infinite number of additional business processes with individual settings. Editing template business processes through an intuitive interface without the involvement of specialists. Decide what the system will display at each stage: select the color of the blocks, specify the required fields, drop down directories, contacts, comments fields and other necessary elements.

Process and Document Management (ECM)

The OneBox system allows you to manage processes and workflow in one window. Documents in the system are closely associated with processes, the system automatically generates documents. At a certain stage of the process, OneBox automatically creates a document that is tied to this process: invoice, invoice, contract and so on. Thus, the workflow is automated, and all documents are ordered and tied to processes: orders or projects, on the basis of which the document appeared.

Automatic conversion of incoming emails into workflows

Recurring workflows

Automatic launch of a workflow, based on missed call

Data exchange with any system in XML

Automatic launch of a workflow, when receiving review for a product

Workflow queues

Automatic user bonuses’ accruals and write-offs

Automatic detection of contacts without long-term communication with them

Automatic detection of contacts without manager assigned

Automatic detection of contacts with invalid phone numbers

Automatic detection of contacts with emails, there were no response received for

Automatic distribution of workflows upon the employees’ working time

Automatic conversion of incoming calls into workflows

Automatic conversion of incoming SMS into workflows

Automatic contacts’ replication across the groups

Automatic publishing of content into Facebook

Automatic birthday greetings through the SMS

Automatic calculation of employees’ salaries, based on workflows

Automatic recalculation of prices for products, based on specified rules and schedules

Automatic binding of calls to the workflows

Automatic notifications for the new goods

Automatic email dispatch on the specified dates

Automatic notifications for received payments

Automatic tracking for the employees’ birthdays

Automatic price-list mailings for the group of contacts

Automatic sorting of contacts by amount of bonuses

Automatic launch of the workflow of products purchase

Automatic monitoring of overdue payments

Automatic notifications about potential call or email from client

Automatic notifications about goods’ shelf-life expiration

Automatic dismissal of employees with low KPIs

Automatic selection of the optimal provider, based on scoring

Workflow locking

Automatic checks of client’s fund balances

Automatic comparison of GPS coordinates of the client and employee

Automatic estimation of the client’s and your company’s obligations

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