Automatic conversion of incoming emails into workflows

Recurring workflows

Automatic launch of a workflow, based on missed call

Data exchange with any system in XML

Automatic launch of a workflow, when receiving review for a product

Workflow queues

Automatic user bonuses’ accruals and write-offs

Automatic detection of contacts without long-term communication with them

Automatic detection of contacts without manager assigned

Automatic detection of contacts with invalid phone numbers

Automatic detection of contacts with emails, there were no response received for

Automatic distribution of workflows upon the employees’ working time

Automatic conversion of incoming calls into workflows

Automatic conversion of incoming SMS into workflows

Automatic contacts’ replication across the groups

Automatic publishing of content into Facebook

Automatic birthday greetings through the SMS

Automatic calculation of employees’ salaries, based on workflows

Automatic recalculation of prices for products, based on specified rules and schedules

Automatic binding of calls to the workflows

Automatic notifications for the new goods

Automatic email dispatch on the specified dates

Automatic notifications for received payments

Automatic tracking for the employees’ birthdays

Automatic price-list mailings for the group of contacts

Automatic sorting of contacts by amount of bonuses

Automatic launch of the workflow of products purchase

Automatic monitoring of overdue payments

Automatic notifications about potential call or email from client

Automatic notifications about goods’ shelf-life expiration

Automatic dismissal of employees with low KPIs

Automatic selection of the optimal provider, based on scoring

Workflow locking

Automatic checks of client’s fund balances

Automatic comparison of GPS coordinates of the client and employee

Automatic estimation of the client’s and your company’s obligations

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