Web-version of OneBox

The beauty of the OneBox web application is that you are not tied to the office, to a particular computer or to some region. You can work in the web-version of the system through the Internet, being anywhere in the world where you have the opportunity to connect to the global network. In addition to the convenience of remote access and the freedom of movement of employees, the system also allows you not to worry about the data that is stored in the system. Unlike programs that are installed on a computer and store a database on the hard drive, the OneBox system runs on cloud hosting. This ensures the protection and safety of your data.

Personal account for your users

The "Client Cabinet" module is a tool to increase the loyalty of your customers and the ability to reduce the workload of your employees. You will be able to interact openly with your counterparties. Your clients and partners will be able to access their personal online office at any time and view the information they are interested in: payments, balance of funds, tasks, orders, statuses, interaction history and other options. Verify procurement and payment with suppliers will become much easier, your manager information is always available in the reports, and the supplier in his personal account.

Personal mobile application for your iOS users

Keep your hand on the pulse of your company's work, thanks to a mobile application in which you can view and edit the tasks, projects and orders you need. In addition, you can provide a mobile application to your customers who use Apple's smartphones and tablets. They can freely download from the App Store a mobile application on their devices. This will allow you to be "on a short leg" with the client, increase the loyalty of customers, allow them to be closer to your goods and services. You will be able to notify customers through PUSH notifications of new offers, and customers will be able to order, send requests and see the order history directly on their phone.

Personal mobile application for your Android users

Become closer to your customers with a mobile application for Android devices. Your customers can freely download the OneBox app from Google Play on their mobile devices. The application will give your customers more opportunities to complete the order, send and check the statuses of calls, write-off bonuses, and also to view orders. Such service will be appreciated by your customers and will favorably set you apart from competitors. And you can send customers PUSH-notifications to their phones, get statistics about who downloaded the application: age, gender, region. You will receive valuable information about what customers are interested in, and will be able to formulate relevant proposals for them.
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