UTM lables report

In the OneBox system, you can view reports on UTM tags and track how many orders and projects you have from one or another channel, from one page or another. UTM tags are the basic tool for Internet marketing and tracking the sources of new customers. UTM tagging works by default if your online store is built on the OneBox system or optional, if you have a separate online store integrated with the system. To view the report, select the desired group of UTM-labels and analyze the flow of leads from this group.

Analysis of calls

The OneBox system allows you to automate the work of the call center, so that your managers call and receive calls through the integrated IP-telephony in OneBox. Combine IP telephony with OneBox and analyze all calls. This will ensure the processing of 100% of incoming calls, including missed ones. All conversations on IP-telephony are recorded. You can easily find the records in the database of calls, where they are ordered and filtered by date, direction, manager and other search criteria. Recorded conversations can be listened to and downloaded, in addition, the system can transfer records to voice recognition services that convert audio into text chat. In the text, the system will track the keywords or stop words and notify you about them.

Аnalysis of employee's working day

The OneBox system generates and provides you with an account of what each employee did at a certain time: with whom he called, with whom he corresponded by corporate mail, with what tasks, orders and projects he worked with. To view this report, specify the interval of interest and select the employee whose actions you want to analyze.

Client and receivable balance

Automate the accounting balance and debt of your customers in the OneBox system. The system will automatically notify your customers of late payments, remind you of the need to make a payment. Also, your customers will be available 24 hours a day and daily on the status of their account in their personal online offices. Your employees will also be notified of the need to contact the customer, the incoming payments and the transfer of the order to a new status.

Reports on bonus program

OneBox shows in the form of a table report on the accrual of bonuses. Track who of the operators to whom from the contact persons charged the exact time of charging, the number of the order for which the bonus was added, the accompanying comment to the order and the amount of the accrued bonuses. Export report data in CSV, XML, or XLS format. To simplify the search, use the filtering tools from the panel on the left of the screen. This filtering panel selects report data by date, by coincidence of the given line with transaction comments, by order numbers, by a certain operator, accrued bonuses and by the contact person who received bonuses.

Reports on porduct items

The OneBox system shows you a report about all the products in which the information was changed, and also shows who edited the positions and when. In the filter pane, specify the length of time and employee or all employees, and click "Filter" to analyze all the changes that were applied to the products. In a few minutes, the system will provide you with a detailed report. The system displays a unique product identifier and allows you to navigate to the product page in the online store.

Orders, projects and tasks reports

The OneBox system provides complete reports on all orders, projects and tasks, and also allows you to quickly filter out a sample of the data you are interested in. Monitor the processes you are interested in and analyze them in the desired form: a list, a funnel, a chart or a table. In addition to the reports that are available in the system by default, you can also use the report designer and generate your own reports. In the constructor, you can select the columns that interest you and remove all the extra columns. Analyze amounts, average check, top positions and much more.

Reports on the time spent by employees

Your OneBox system will become a kind of virtual administrator of your processes — you will receive reports on the time spent working on projects, orders, tasks. The report records employees, if they note the time spent. To get data about the employee, by date, by business process, by parent project, task or order, use the filtering panel. If the employees do not mark the time of their work independently, look at the reports: "Employees' working hours" or "Employee workdays analysis", in which the system records the time costs automatically.

Reports on sent SMS

View the history of sent SMS messages on your OneBox system. The report on the sent SMS shows the data about the messages that are outgoing for the period of time chosen by you. The report shows the messages that have already been sent and the queue of messages that are still waiting to be sent.

Reports on incoming and outgoing calls

The OneBox system displays call reports for the selected period of time. Allows you to see the status of the business process, which was launched by the manager after talking with the client. You can find out the duration, the time of the beginning and the end of the call, the client's phone number and his name, with the possibility of switching to the contact card in your OneBox. Filter the data in the manager report. By default, the report displays data from the calls of each responsible person. Export report data in XLS format, if required.

Reports on sent emails

The OneBox system displays a report of the sent emails and letters that are in the queue for sending. If you do not specify any filtering options, the system by default shows you all the messages in chronological order. To find letters for a certain period of time — enter the start date and the end date of the period. To find emails by sender, by recipient or by subject line, enter the required data in the fields of the filter pane on the left side of the screen.

Reports on order channels and touches

To understand what kind of advertising campaigns, how many visits and orders are given to you — analyze the report on channels and contacts. In each of your projects there will be information about where the client came from. With this option you can find out how many orders made by customers from a particular channel, the amount of orders, the average check and your investments in this channel.

Vizualization of map of communications

A visual demonstration of who your employees called and corresponded with helps you see the key links in the communication chains and for the first time see a graphically expressed connection with customers. In this report, calls and letters are taken into account. All these events can be filtered according to the parameters you need: by date, by channel of communication, by direction, by employees, by clients, by topic and by the content of letters.

Reports on minimum remainders and reserves

Your OneBox system displays a report with a list of your items in stock: how much is in stock, what is the required reserve, how much is missing. Upon the fact of the goods being written off from the warehouse, the system automatically generates orders to your suppliers. There is an additional field in the report that indicates the vendor's recommended market price. To fix the sale price for these goods while they are in warehouses. Once all the goods from the warehouse are sold out, the RRC will stop working and include the margin rules.

Supplier turnover

Track in a separate report information about your purchases from suppliers and the profitability of working with each supplier. The report is formed after the goods are entered from the suppliers to your warehouses and after sales. The OneBox system shows you suppliers, the amount of purchased goods, the number of units sold, their cost, sales cost, gross profit, profitability and the amount of goods in stock. You can filter the data by date or by vendor.

Payments report

The OneBox system will generate a payroll report for the time period you need. You will see all orders, you can separately build a report on orders from customers or orders from you to suppliers. The system can take into account virtual payments, and also group all orders by companies. You can receive reports by channels, by authors, by managers and by legal entities. In addition, the OneBox system allows you to create the desired sample for each individual business process and even for each individual step.

Reports on products' shelf lives

The OneBox system monitors the shelf life of your products and notifies you of the delay. In addition, you can always open a report on expiration dates and track all posted products, the expiration date of which is coming to an end. Filter the data in the report by the expiration date period, specify the supplier, warehouse and product category to get the report you need.

Reports on storehouses and storehouse operations

Keep a record of all your goods in the OneBox system to automate your turnover, give the system maximum information and get the most detailed reports on the movement of goods. OneBox shows the changes in the balance of goods in the selected warehouse: how many were, how many were written, how much it was written off and how many goods were left in the warehouse.

Reports on expected payments and balance

Expected payments are payments that are planned for the future. Due to expected payments, you will be able to forecast financial receipts and expenses, to understand how much money you will (or will not) have in the selected period of time. Filter the data for the manager, for the order applicant, for the direction, for the legal entity and for the date of receipt. You can also view reports for each payment category separately. Some payment management tools are in the report: in the table, in one line with payment information, without leaving the report, note the receipt of payment, or delete them. Each expected payment can be tied to the projects you need and order.

Reports on incomes

View on the OneBox system reports on the profit received for the period of time you are interested in. To do this, open the "Profit report", select the time period, click "Filter" and OneBox will give you a report. In the report, you will see orders for dates that indicate the cost of goods, the sale price and the margin of the order. Also in the report is available information about the amount of refusals, from which warehouse the goods are written off, who was held and who the buyer is. You can generate a report on the employee, by the order execution date, by the goods or by each separate warehouse.

Call forwarding

Incoming calls to your corporate IP telephony based on Asterisk system OneBox distributes to employees. For example, depending on who is specified by the client manager or who was the last to communicate with this client, then an incoming call will be sent to him. The report shows the saved rules for redirecting calls. On the basis of this data, you see in the table all existing call redirects and analyze the reasons for the formation of these rules. To quickly find the data in the report, use the filtering panel. Enter the search parameters in the appropriate fields of the panel and you will get the report you are interested in. The call forwarding system works as an option when ordering full integration with Asterisk.

Reports on missed calls

If you implemented the OneBox system at the enterprise and integrated it with your corporate IP telephony, then you will not miss a single call. If you set up a business process for handling missed calls, the system will remind the manager to call back. And also OneBox will notify you if the manager has ignored the task within the specified time. All missed calls, which are not called back, also appear in the list of reports on missed calls. You can select the time period you are interested in and get a list of incoming calls that have not been answered.

Working time of employees

Control the working hours of your employees on the OneBox system using a report. The system shows you how much time the user spent on the system and whether he did something useful. The report is built on the basis of such useful actions: calls, comments, conducting orders. In red, OneBox highlights intervals during which the employee did not perform any useful actions. Choose the right employee and set the time period you are interested in. OneBox will create and show you a visual report of employee activity during working hours.

Comparison of KPI plan-fact

One of the reports of the OneBox system shows which efficiency requirements you asked each post in the KPI settings, how one or another employee copes with the specified plan and the difference of these values. This report is very flexible, which allows you to specify the parameters of interest and to obtain detailed data for analysis. You can see the report on the manager, select a certain period of time, you can get a report for each individual KPI and each individual employee. The OneBox system will show you the efficiency plan, the efficiency fact, and the quantitative and percentage difference. In addition to numerical and percentage values, the system shows you a visual graph with the efficiency curve on the time axis.

Comparison of employees

The OneBox system, thanks to the "Employee Comparison" report, allows you to compare the basic quantitative indicators of the performance of your employees: by the number of orders, money, letters, calls. In addition to the numbers, the system shows you also visual beautiful graphics. For a more precise comparison of managers' work, we recommend that you set up KPI and use the report "Comparison of KPIs", and for rough and fast comparisons, you can use this report.

Comparison of suppliers' prices

The OneBox system compares the prices of the purchase price of the goods from different suppliers and automatically sends the order to the supplier, who has the lowest cost of this position. If you want to see prices for the selected product category, the "Suppliers Price Comparison" report will show the purchase price of the product for each supplier that has such a product available. The category, brand and the right suppliers are selected in the filters of the sliding panel, which is on the left side of the screen.

Financial reports

Track financial statistics for the date you are interested in, for an interesting warehouse, product or user. The OneBox system displays the date, order amount, sales amount, product cost, margin, failure amount, write-off warehouse, order operator and buyer in the report. Form the reports you need and effectively manage your finances in the OneBox system.

Workflow charts

All the recurring processes in your company can be partially or fully automated. To do this, you need to model your business processes in the OneBox system and determine what actions are required at each stage of the process. Then you can instruct the system to perform automatically a part of routine tasks: the formation and sending of documents and notifications, the formation and sending of an order, the control of the correct conduct of an order or acceptance of treatment, and much more. Setting up the business process shows the sequence of steps graphically and the relationship between them. In addition to automatic actions in each stage, a business process diagram can be displayed for clarity.

Gantt charts

Gantt charts are used to demonstrate the planning of projects. Such a tape diagram is used in the business sphere to display the time schedule of projects and other tasks on the time axis. To build such a diagram in Excel manually, you need about 30 minutes, using the smartsheet template, you will cope at best in 3 minutes, and the OneBox system will do everything for you in a matter of seconds. You only need to choose what data you want to view and display them with a Gantt chart.

Sales and leads funnels

Part of your potential buyers (leads) for various reasons is eliminated on the way from the first cold contact and before the conclusion of the transaction. As a rule, for every next stage of the business process, fewer leads pass. Thus, if you imagine the process in the form of a funnel, then the top diameter at the entrance is the largest diameter — it is 100% of the leads, then non-targeted, uninterested customers are eliminated in the negotiations and only a part of the leads become buyers. The sales funnel shows you at which stage you lose the largest number of leads. Such a report is generated dynamically and you see in real time how many leads you have at each stage. You can display funnel not only sales, but also any other business processes.

Dashboard and graphs

The OneBox system allows you to instantly get the reports you are interested in in a clear and understandable way. In this case, the display can be graphs, lists, tables or dashboards. To do this, you choose what you want to see and in what form. By default, each manager in the calendar opens a dashboard, which displays in the form of a pie chart the stages of the company's business processes, a schedule with tasks for the chosen business process. You can turn off unnecessary steps by simply clicking on the name. The system will instantly rebuild the data and show the actual shares of the "pie" according to the processes you need.

Graphs output on the office walls

Output business statistics and KPI employee scores on the walls of your office. This is an incredible atmosphere of healthy, open competition
and motivation between employees! To analyze and discuss performance indicators, you can be in the meeting room, in the dining room or other office space where you place the monitors with the conclusion of graphs and dashboards.

Full history of changes of the objects

You can at any time track all the changes that were made to the system by your employees. To do this, you just open the History of changes in the system and see who, when and what he created, deleted or edited. You can see the history of changes to all products, orders, projects and contacts. If you are interested in changing a specific object — open the card of the desired object and see the history of all its changes.

Report designer

To analyze and control the operation of your company in the OneBox system, various reports and notifications are available. If you need to get a report that is not in the system by default, use the report designer. In it, you can create a table with the columns you need and compare any performance of your enterprise that are displayed in the system. To do this, first, indicate what kind of entity you need to build a report on and what columns should be in it.
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