Complementation and de-complementation of goods

Collect sales kits or promotional kits from your products in order to speed up prefabricated sales. To do this, the OneBox system provides an option that combines several products into one set, which you can sell, write off, move. These kits after the expiration of the action, for example, you can easily dismantle and the system takes the components to the warehouse in its previous form.

Passports and tech cards for production

OneBox allows the production of end products from components and only then sell / write off the finished products. It is the product passports that make it possible to automate the process of decommissioning / ordering components during the production of the final product. If you are manufacturing, use your product's passports and technology cards in the OneBox system. This will help you to set up automated orders, write-offs, transfers and accounting of goods that are used to produce the final product.

Products and services list

Maintain a complete base of all your goods and services in a single OneBox system. All your goods and services in the system are divided into categories, subcategories, suppliers, warehouses and brands. To quickly find the service or product you need, a global search and data filters for the given parameters are available. Automated download of price lists and price updates will save you a lot of time.

Synchronization of your base of products with suppliers' CRM

Combine your OneBox and CRM system or your vendor's ERP system so that your manager can see up-to-date information about the availability of goods from the supplier so that the system sends your orders and reservations to the vendor in real time, and all changes to the commodity items update the data on your system and on your site.

Hierarchical structure of product categories

On your OneBox system, you can categorize all of the product items into categories and an infinite number of sub-categories. This will allow you not to get confused in the huge list of commodity items and it is convenient to work with the database of goods. To work with the goods you are available and other types of display: by category, list, table and so on.

Products binding to brands

In the OneBox system for online stores, it is possible to create brands of manufacturers and bind products to them. With this option, users and site administrators can filter out products of the same brand that are presented in different categories.

Configurable characteristics of the products

Add as many characteristics as you need for your products and specify the types of these characteristics: color switch, interval, tick, list and so on. As a result, your site will have blocks with the characteristics of the goods in the form and with the properties that you have chosen. According to the characteristics that you specify as filters, users will be able to filter your products on the site.

Displaying of products in the list view

Your OneBox system is flexible and customizable, which allows you to open your data in a way that is convenient for you. So for example your goods can be opened in the form of a list in which you can apply changes massively for all selected from the list of goods or selectively manually for each product.

Displaying of products in the "File Explorer" view

Open your products in the usual way for PC users — in the form of "Explorer." When the cards of your goods are ordered by category, and the categories are presented in the form of folders, as files on your computer. In folders of categories folders with subcategories and so on ad infinitum. This display speeds up your work with product categories and helps novice managers to quickly understand the product database.

Displaying of products in table view with Excel-like editing capabilities

Open the base of goods in the form that is most convenient for you to work, if you or your managers are accustomed to working with Excel tables, then it will be convenient for you to edit columns and fields with your favorite commands and hot keys.

Copying of products

The OneBox system allows you to copy pictures and descriptions from one card to the entire model line. To do this, in the Shop Settings, select the checkmark in the field "Automatic copying of description and product images by model line" .. Select one item from each model line and add basic and additional pictures and descriptions. After 1 hour in your goods base, the goods of this model line and brand will have the same pictures and descriptions.

Import and exports of products in Excel

Downloading the product database into the OneBox system is easy, use the Import Goods function to download the .xls file. Link the fields of the downloaded file with the fields in the system and the goods will be added to the product database and sorted by category. To transfer the product file to your partners or to process your product database outside the OneBox system, unload it using File Export. Specify what category or categories you need and specify which address to send, the system will generate the file and send it to the specified email.

Product import from YML

To transfer product data to your system from an online store or price-list in OneBox, options for data transfer in YML format are developed. This allows you, for example, to quickly import goods from the price-list into your OneBox system. Therefore, if you have a product base in YML format, then it will not be difficult to load it into your system.

Bulk product management

If you need mass management of goods, then you can make it right in the OneBox system. You can find filters by which you can find the products you need, tag them and apply changes. To do this, filter on the specified parameters of the goods, make changes, put a tick in the field "Apply to all filtered" and save.

Constructor of product card interface

The product card in the OneBox system is developed by default in the form that is most convenient for working with products. But, if you need to modify the contact card — add a new field to it, for example, the drop-down list of suppliers, go to the interface settings and set the desired card settings for the product.

Icons for products

The OneBox system allows you to graphically highlight "hot" offers among other products on the site, which entails increased sales. Mark your special items of goods or services with icons: "Share", "Store selection", "Top sales", "Free shipping" and so on. You will see how the demand for these positions will increase.

Several levels and types of prices for the products

Assign different price levels for different categories of buyers: a new buyer, permanent, wholesale, VIP and others. In the OneBox system, you can specify 5 different price levels. If you want to make five levels of discounts, while each level has its percentage of the cost, you can specify it in the product card. Next, the system will automatically recalculate the price that is current at a discount when the price changes.

Support for products' units of meassure

Indicate the units of measurement you need: gram, liter, square meter, pallet or ton, so that it would be more convenient for you to keep inventory and commodity records. The OneBox system has a set of measuring units by default, but if necessary, the supervisor can easily create new units of measure, specify their crushing.

VAT calculations support

For the implementation of payment transactions by legal entities, VAT payers in the OneBox system have developed options that, when choosing a legal entity, form an account with VAT in mind. In this case, the cost and the percentage of VAT are displayed separately in the payment document and in the system. Set up the conditions for charging VAT that are set by the legislation in your region and the system will automatically calculate the value added tax when processing payments.

Manual and automatic management of product availability

In the OneBox system, you can specify the availability of goods manually or the system will update the data automatically. For manual editing, you need to make sure that the product card is disabled synchronization of price and availability of the product with suppliers and warehouses, and then make adjustments. If synchronization is enabled, the vendor is added to the system, assigned to the product and "Automatic mark-ups and price recalculation" are enabled, then prices and availability will be updated automatically.

Support for codes, article numbers, models and bar-codes

The system keeps a record of your goods and saves you from duplicating the goods. As the identifier of the goods, different fields can be used: the article of goods, the 1C code, the product model, to which the system will automatically assign a unique ID code or a bar code that the OneBox system can generate and print to the connected printer. And also can read the barcode from the scanner when re-inventorying, moving or scrapping the goods from the warehouse.

Binding of products to 1C codes

If you are working with a product database, where the ID of the heading is 1C, the OneBox system will take this code into account when working with the goods. Thus, if you conduct orders in 1C, and the product database in OneBox then the system can be integrated and OneBox will automatically take into account all the movements of goods and transfer orders to your accountant in the usual way for him.

Support for series and model ranges of products (collections)

The OneBox system supports the accounting of model series, lots and collections of goods. Situations where the same positions from different purchases differ by price or other characteristics will not make it difficult for your goods to be registered in the OneBox system. Your manager can choose from which collection or model range he sells, writes off the goods when placing an order.

Several fields for product description

The product card in the OneBox system is by default adapted to the most common inquiries of online stores, but if you need to expand the description, you can use additional fields and fit all that you need to tell customers about your product or service.

Support for periods of product availability (periods of promo-actions)

Competition has generated a lot of marketing activities aimed at increasing sales. Customers are used to looking for and buying goods at a discount. When you form promotional offers, indicate in the system the life of the stock and the availability of promotional items. At the end of the specified period, OneBox will automatically hide the position.

Multi-level discounts

Specify different levels of discounts for different groups of your buyers. In the OneBox system, you can create 5 different levels of discounts, specify each level a percentage of the amount that the system will automatically write off and show to the buyer. Each contact card has the ability to specify which discount level will be available to this customer.

Support for product crushability and partition degree

In your OneBox system, you have the ability to specify the crushing of goods, assign new units of measure, and merge goods into batches. Party membership allows you not to get confused when the same items from different parties differ in price or other characteristics. The operator, who draws up the order, can choose from which party he writes off the goods.

Integration of product base and bonus system

In the OneBox system, you can create a system for calculating bonuses, these bonuses your customers can track in their online offices. The system allows you to use these bonuses when paying for orders by your customers and show them the cost of the goods in the light of accumulated bonuses.

Product's SEO-parameters

The product cards in the OneBox system are created and optimized to meet the requirements of search robots that determine the position of your product page in the SERP. For this, the product cards are maximally valid for SEO-promotion of your pages. You can also add templates for headlines, product descriptions, and categories that are most relevant to the key queries you need.

History of product's card changes

The OneBox system captures all the changes that your managers make to product cards, which allows you to track violations or errors when working with goods. No editing of the commodity item in the system can be hidden from the manager.

Support for virtual products (services)

Your OneBox system allows you to operate not only with physical goods, but also keep records of virtual goods and services. This allows you to sell any services, even such as a site on the Moon, to charge bonuses, discounts, keep statistics and to count salaries and referral for sales.

Support for downloadable products (software)

If you sell software, audio lessons, videos, photos or other downloadable digital products, then you can keep them recorded as a regular item on the OneBox system. To do this, there is a special "Downloadable product" field in the product card, into which you can download the file with this product.

Integration of product bas with popular price-aggregators

Do not limit yourself to one online store, display your products on popular price aggregators that are indexed well without your participation in page optimization and gives additional sales. OneBox system integrates with known sites, accepts orders from there and allows managers to work with orders in one system. Details on the price-aggregator of interest to you, check with our managers.

Weight and size of products

Specify all the parameters of the goods you need: color, size, weight and other characteristics, which you can create an unlimited number. Specify the properties and types of the characteristics fields: drop-down list, filter, color block, table and so on.

Product binding to domains (for multi-shops)

If your online store runs on multiple domains, for example, you sell in different regions, the OneBox system allows you to configure which products on which domains will be available and which ones will not. Thus, your customers will not make unnecessary clarifications, but will see only relevant proposals for them.
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