KPI templates

In the OneBox system, over 30 template settings of KPI counters are available. Select the ones that will help you monitor the desired metrics. This can be the control of handling requests by managers, monitoring active tasks, orders, controlling the number of letters or calls at a time, as well as controlling sales.

Ability to create and configure your own KPIs

The OneBox system by default offers you a choice of three dozen template settings KPI metrics. If you do not find what you need in this list, you can contact our technical specialists and they will develop individual counters for those indicators that you need to monitor and add them to your system.

Display of KPIs on the home page

All indicators of KPI counters in the OneBox system are opened in the "Structure" tab. But, in order for the manager to "keep a finger on" the performance of his subordinates, his calendar in the upper left corner has a button that opens the KPI indicators of his subordinates. It is very convenient.

Subordination tree of KPI hierarchy

If your company is ramified and you want to track performance not on employees, but the effectiveness of working on departments or on affiliates, then OneBox gives you this opportunity. Monitor the performance indicators of departments, according to the performance of managers, to which departments are subordinated.

Monitoring of KPI deviations

The OneBox system shows you a deviation from the KPI values assigned to the role, and also reacts to deviations automatically if you specify these actions in the settings. To analyze the KPI indicators in the system, there is a clear color gradation, the display of data in figures on the scale and automatic notifications that you receive if someone from the staff has exceeded the limits of the set values. Automatic system actions charge salaries, bonuses, deduct penalties or even fire on the basis of KPI.

Output of KPIs, as graphs, on the office walls

Indicators of labor productivity are available in the system, which gives the team an atmosphere of transparent and healthy competition. To increase the motivation of employees and give everyone the opportunity to see the results of work even outside the workplace, output KPI indicators to monitors on the walls of your offices.
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