Financial accounting

The OneBox system gives you multifunctional billing options and money management tools for the company. Create the necessary funds, manage the accounts and all payments in one program. Automate the calculation of salaries, deductions to funds and control over payments. Open customers access to their private offices, so they track their balance, see the payment history at any time. Work with all currencies you need. Create the expected payments to objectively assess the company's future financial capabilities. Analyze the statistics of all payments. Integrate your system with external databases so that OneBox exchanges payment information with them.

Company balances

The OneBox system captures all payments: incoming and outgoing, actual and planned. Track the entire balance of the company or balance in the desired section for you: according to the project, by order, customer or employee account. The balance of each person is available in his contact card, and the company's card shows the total balance of all employees of the company.

Forecasting of payments and balance (expected payments)

The OneBox system captures not only actual, but also expected payments — financial obligations with the planned date of payment. The planned incoming or outgoing payments are summarized and give you accurate information about the balance sheet of the company in the foreseeable future. Plan financial expenses and revenues, taking into account all planned payments.

Control of cash-boxes and accounts (wallets)

Create in the OneBox system the necessary number of separate accounts (financial wallets) and receive automatic reports on the financial status of each — the "Account Report". The report is built on the basis of payments in the OneBox system, where with respect to each wallet you will see the amount of incoming payments, the amount of outgoing payments and how much money is left in your wallet. And also the summary statistics on the sum of the above data from all accounts.

Calculation of wages

OneBox gives an opportunity to openly pay salaries without an accountant. Set the system settings for automatic charging of employees based on their closed tasks, orders and projects. OneBox automatically calculates premiums or penalties when employees reach the specified lower or upper KPI. Automate the calculation of salaries, form separate payroll funds, in which the system will automatically send the percentage you requested from the income.

Support for virtual payments (for billing)

The OneBox system will provide your customers with a convenient service for paying billed bills. The system keeps records of orders and fees, and also has a "Personal Cabinet" module, so that your customers can see their accounts at any time of the day and pay them with funds from their virtual wallets.

Binding payments to orders

Payments in your system can be many, but you will easily find a payment for each order, as in the OneBox system payments are tied to orders. In turn, orders are tied to the manager who created it, to the client, by the date. Filter by the given parameters the whole report on payments and find the payments necessary to you in a few seconds.

Binding payments to clients

OneBox fixes payments for customers who paid the order. In the contact card of the client or partner, you see the entire order history, all planned payments and balance. You see from whom the order came, to whom the invoice is issued and on when the receipt of money from the client is planned. All payments on your system will be sorted.

Binding payments to documents

In the OneBox system, you can see on the basis of which order a particular document was created. Orders associated with them are also displayed in the orders. Thus, you have the full order with the invoices and you can always find the document you need, check if the order is posted on the invoice. You can print or send the document to the client again.


Work with the currencies you need. In the system, the converter of several most popular currencies is available by default. Create an unlimited number of currencies with which you work in the OneBox system, specify the currency in orders and conduct settlements in different currencies, they will be converted to the main automatically. All currencies are correlated with your main currency.

Conversion of currency rates

On your OneBox system, add the currencies you need, set the rate and all prices on your sites will be recalculated and updated automatically. If you put the dollar as the main currency, the system will convert the amounts from other currencies to your main currency — the dollar.

Integrations with client-bankings

Ready-made solutions for the integration of the system with payment services offer you the opportunity to conduct rapid online sales. Choose the merchant optimal for your business or processing for fast cashless settlements with your counterparties.

Categorization of payments and reports by categories

Track the movement of finance in your OneBox system reports by category. You will clearly see the general report, as well as carry out analysis for each separate category of payments. All data is filtered according to the characteristic you need and in a couple of seconds you get a ready sample of payments. All amounts are converted to your main currency.

Automatic exchange rates update

Create as many currencies as you need. OneBox can update the course automatically. To do this, an automatic action is added to the settings, which pulls the current course from the specified site to the system, and then updates the prices in the system and on your sites.

Support for legal entities (contractors)

Set the percentage of VAT that your legal entity is supposed to pay under the laws of the country where it is registered and the OneBox system will automatically charge VAT when making transactions. Thus in documents it is possible to see cost with the VAT and without it.

Financial accounting with blockchain technology

Keep a financial account in your OneBox system, in which the possibility of fraud is excluded. Blockchain technology is a chain built according to certain rules from the generated transaction blocks. The bottom line is that the data in each block can not be changed without disrupting the integrity of the chain. Thus, if someone makes a payment in the system, changes its amount or status, it can not be hidden.
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