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All phone calls are stored in the system

Your negotiations on corporate IP telephony are recorded, saved in the OneBox system and remain available for listening, as well as for downloading audio tapes of conversations. Thus, you can always find and listen to the conversations of your subordinates, refresh all the details of the phone conversations in your memory, and, when resolving disputes, refer to the recording of the conversation.

All emails and attachments are stored in the system

The OneBox system allows you to send and receive emails directly on your system. In addition, all files embedded in emails or tasks and files that clients send to you are also downloaded to the system and opened in one window. All letters and files are saved and you can always find them for further work.

Automatic file deduplication

The logic of the OneBox system is designed in such a way as to avoid duplication of data: contacts, orders, tasks, documents, goods and files. In OneBox, every order, warehouse, employee, customer or product has its own identifier, and so does the files. For many entities, the identifier is the ID that the system assigns. For goods ID, article or code 1C. For contacts, this is the phone number, email or name, and for files this is the file name in the system. You can specify the file name and the system will pull it up. Thus, you do not overload the server with duplicates of the same files.

Built-in file storage

Send to your colleagues and clients the files you need: documents, audio presentations, video recordings directly on the OneBox system. All these files remain in the file storage system, which allows you to quickly find them, download and use in the future. Convenience is that, unlike the general directory on your computer, on the OneBox system you see which projects, letters or tasks the files are attached to, who downloaded them and sent them to.