Support for CLM: business-processes for documents

The OneBox system will automatically show you when a contract is concluded and you decide whether you need to renew it or if you need to revise the terms and sign a new contract. All contracts are based on clear business processes — this is called Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Documents' creation, storing and filtering

The OneBox system allows you to determine at what stages which documents are automatically generated and where they are sent. You get ordered cycles of appearance, sending, signing and saving documents, and also do not forget to update the documents after their expiry.

Automatic creation of any documents, based on the template

Create the templates of contracts, acts, invoices, invoices or other documents you need. Specify at which stage of the business process the system is to create documents and OneBox will automatically add the client requisites, amounts, goods, and documents to the template fields.

Individual document templates and ability to manage them independently

We will create a custom template for you (custom-template). Specify what the document will be related to: the order, the user, or the warehouse. Which fields will be tightened, and what you want to enter by hand. We create a template document that will fit on the screen and fit perfectly when printing on A4. The OneBox system will automatically generate documents for your unique template.

Automatic subtitution of clients' data and their orders into documents

Minimize the time and error of the manager when filling out the document fields, the OneBox system does this automatically according to the specified template. For example, the customer made an order, the system will pull the requisites from his contact card, pull up the selected goods, count the amount and send the customer a ready account or create and save a waybill.

Creation and storing of documents in orders, client cards

All documents are necessarily linked to some entity or event in the system: to an order, contact or to the fact of moving goods in a warehouse. All documents created by the system or downloaded into it are stored in the OneBox. You can open and work at once with the entire list of documents of your company, or you can open only documents on the entities you are interested in.

Full history of work with a document

In every order or project that are maintained in your system, all related documents are saved. In addition, you see in chronological order in the comments sheet about who, when and what document created, sent or deleted. Such comments are created automatically by the system and can not be changed or hidden.

Support for EDI: electronic workflow

The OneBox system forms documents, allows editing them inside the system, and also allows you to edit the documents partially — fill only the individual fields. OneBox also puts unique QR-codes into documents, which can be scanned for quick search and work with documents.
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