Test of success

It often happens that employee starts to consider himself incredibly valuable and irreplaceable, when he’s reached significant to record results. Typically, such employees get the feeling, that the achieved result is their merit for the whole 100%.  

As a result such employee may either stagnate or abuse his beliefs to himself and others.

If this is about stagnation then even the best employee in the past can turn into “burnt-out starу”. Since entire enterprise and personnel individuals around him are still moving forward, his past achievements simply get depreciated. 

If there’s an attempt to influence and control director’s reaction to his favor, then usually a one-time practice becomes a habit. And employee turns from the useful and valuable staff member to a parasite.  

In fact, the value of a staff member for his employer is the ratio of the favor, an employee brings for the company, and the resources, which he consumes in current system. 

A good manager realizes and applies properly the following 2 principles:

  • An employee is a part of overall system of every enterprise. And his successful work is an achievement of the whole complex of events/actions, where involvement of several roles/people is required. If employee can put up a good performance at this role, this means he actually belongs to it. And the “ground” for this is rather conducive. 
  • An attempt to pitch an estimate of his usefulness too low or too high affects the balance of value. A good manager manages these indicators in such a way, so the ratio, which he and his employer are satisfied with, is observed.



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Levoshich Dmitriy
Chief executive officer
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