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OneBox CRM system

Automation of the majority of processes is essential to every business, since it helps to free up more time for the truly important things and to focus the efforts on business development, not on solving the routine tasks. You should buy CRM-system for process automation, it will help you to establish effective functioning and interactions of all departments across the company.

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OneBox CRM-system

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system, which helps company to better understand clients’ needs and to act in accordance with them. You will get the tool, you can use to build and implement the unified strategy of the company in much more easier way.

When utilizing such business management system:

  • 1 Productivity of all departments’ work grows.
  • 2 Unobtrusive control of employees’ actions occur.
  • 3 Quality of managers’ interaction with clients improves.
  • 4 There’s the ability to manage projects from anywhere in the world.
  • 5 Additional time for solving more important tasks is exempted.

Benefits of CRM-system for team members

Work efficiency grows
Tool for easy task planning appears
Self-organization occurs through the control of own tasks
Also due to implementation of CRM-system the process of walking client through the sales funnel becomes simpler, since this software helps to track accurately, on which stage of the funnel the .

Useful OneBox features

CRM program is the complex software, suitable for business, since it helps to automate a number of processes, you would need to hire additional personnel for:
  • Processing of manufacturers’ price-lists is performed in automatic mode
  • Extended features of storehouse accounting for goods relocation monitoring
  • Client database, from where you can get information in just a few clicks
  • Monitoring of income and expenses
  • Setup and control of tasks
In addition to standard features of project management, complex tasks are also supported in OneBox CRM. For example, warehouse operations with goods and creation of document set.

API and integration with CRM system

OneBox workflow automation system provides significant opportunities for integration:
  • API constructor. You yourself can construct queries even without knowledge of the programming language. 95% of the integration occurs without the involvement of developers.
  • Module creation. There is the ability to create modules for execution of a number of specific tasks supported by the system.
  • Operating speed. Due to JSON API, the number of requests to the server decreases speeding up performance of the system. Standard REST yields to it significantly.
Basically the system can be integrated with more, than 100 CMS, Bitrix 1C of various editions, services of analytics, price-platforms and IP-telephony.

Benefits of OneBox CRM system for business

Modern system of interaction with clients OneBox can process large volumes of information in a short term, so there would be enough to have only one person to do this job.

The system keeps accounting of clients and reacts to their needs rapidly. Reports on the work accomplished are created fast – in just a few clicks you can collect information for a certain period and to send it, using program services.

Furthermore, business automation also covers other aspects, giving these tools for use:
  • Corporate email
  • Client bases
  • SMS mailings
  • Operations on price-lists

CRM implementation

To achieve optimal functioning of the program you need to install it and integrate with other modules. You can accomplish this through the one of three following methods:
  • Autonomously with our assistance. After you purchase OneBox, our technical support will be happy to provide the assistance and to consult you on system settings and functioning.
  • Hire a specialist. Existing business-consultants and company-integrators can help you with installation and configuration of the system. We can provide you with the list of professional consultants, who can help you with this, upon your request.
  • OneBox on a turn-key basis. Our employee will not only integrate the system, but also teach you how to use it and show you how to arrange all the processes. This service is not included in system cost.
OneBox CRM is a modern system with a broad set of functions, which can be easily extended according to particular needs of your business. We operate across the CIS countries (there are offices in Moscow, Kyiv etc.). The final price is calculated based on functionality and complexity of refinements, required for your business.