Inventory control

Keep a complete record of all physical and virtual warehouses in the same OneBox system. All the arrivals, reservations, shipments, write-offs and transfers of goods in warehouses the system captures and collects in the log of movements. Reports on the movement of goods you can receive both general and segmented by date, types of transactions with goods, by warehouse or by commodity position. The re-account or the receipt of goods is accelerated several times, thanks to the use of barcodes, which the system generates, prints and reads when the scanner codes.

Support for multi-storehouses

Create and add an unlimited number of warehouses, both virtual and physical, to account for goods movements. Each warehouse will have its own unique id, which will be displayed in the system and documents associated with the movement of goods. Specify whether it is possible to sell from a particular warehouse or it is intended solely for storage in order to protect oneself from accidental sales. You can take control of those products that are in the staff. The employee can be displayed as a warehouse, with all the capabilities and reports.


Take control of all the inventory and property of the enterprise. To do this, create virtual warehouses in the system, behind which the inventory will be fixed. The system generates unique barcodes for each item of inventory. Mark the inventory with barcodes and conduct inventory of values in a single system using a commercial scanner.

Cellular storehouse

Even if your product range is significant in terms of the number of items, you can organize a cellular warehouse. Divide the warehouse into cells with unique numbers. This option allows you to quickly find the right products, correctly group the goods, come to the designated cells, and also facilitates the inventory.

Unlimited number of storehouses, including virtual ones

Create as many warehouses as you need for a comfortable record of goods. Virtual warehouses help you keep records of goods that are written off from actual warehouses, but have not yet been transferred to customers.

Putting goods to stock

Leave the goods in the warehouse and their receipts will be automatically entered in the warehouse journal. Download product lists, then OneBox will show you which items the system has not recognized and, if necessary, you will link the new products with the existing leftovers quickly and conveniently.

Relocations across the storehouses

All the moving of products between warehouses, the OneBox system saves to the log of movements, which you can filter by the desired date, warehouse or position. Moves between virtual warehouses the system conducts automatically according to the specified settings.

Write-off from storehouses

The OneBox system writes off the goods from the warehouses automatically at that stage of the business process, which will be optimal for your business. For example, based on order confirmation. Write products out of warehouses automatically, using a barcode scanner or manually. All product write-off operations are saved and displayed in the system.

Shipments of orders

Click "Ship from stock" and OneBox will open the form, which displays all orders available for shipment, generated in the system. Shipping is only possible if there are leftovers in the warehouse. If you try to sell a missing item, the system will display the message "Not enough stock in stock". Each order can be viewed before shipment, make adjustments according to actual changes, choose from which warehouse to ship.

Production and goods' passports

The "Production" option allows you to create goods from existing parts in the warehouse. To do this, create a passport of goods and the system will maintain an automated accounting of goods spent on products. Each production operation is carried out according to the passport of the manufactured goods.

Complementation and de-complementation

All units of goods that are stored in your warehouses, you can combine in sets and save these settings. The goods are simply manned into stock sets and, if necessary, also simply dismantled and returned to store shelves as separate items.

Remainders on the storehouses

Keep track of the current balances in the warehouses — OneBox shows all the real stock balances of each item item in each warehouse, as well as the product reserves. Scrolling page and see the balance of products for all the warehouses involved in the system. Track the balance change for separately filtered warehouses and the desired periods.

Employees' remainders

Track real-time balances of goods from employees. The physical warehouses and staff balances are separated and this allows you not to confuse orders with employees with goods that are available in your warehouse when placing orders. Data on balances can be filtered by employee or by a specified time interval.

Reservations and binding of goods on the storehouses

The OneBox system reserves the goods in the warehouse automatically when the goods are included in the order. The system will not allow another employee to sell the reserved goods, the availability of the goods will not be displayed. The goods that first entered the warehouse are written off first by the system (FIFO), but you can bind specific goods to orders when this is important.

Mechanism of stocktaking

Conduct a re-inventory and keep the result of each re-inventory as a summary table of balances with data for individual products, categories or brands. You can add to the recycling basket as a separate item in the right quantity, and the entire category. The system will show the discrepancy between the indicators of balance and actual availability: a shortage or an overabundance of goods.

Detailed journal of relocations across the storehouses

The OneBox system records all the goods movements in the warehouse journal. You will see how much of the goods went to the warehouse, and what was moved, where and what warehouse operator. The link "More detailed" leads to another magazine, which shows more detailed information about the actions performed over the product.


Use barcodes to increase the speed of turnover and reduce the likelihood of a manager error. Connect the barcode scanner to your computer so that you do not enter the article numbers manually. The OneBox system will read barcodes and take them into account when decommissioning or re-inventorying.

Inventory accounting with blockchain technology

The emerging technology blockchain protects you from possible fraud. Records of all actions with goods are automatically saved in the system and it is impossible to change this data. Thus, no one can edit the information about the goods and hide it.
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