Roles and multi-roles of employees

Build a structure of roles, rather than specific personalities, on which the company's success will depend. Assign employees to roles, with the possibility of combining several roles with one person and changing roles. Thus, your company structure becomes flexible, capable of promptly responding to personnel changes, and role functions are standardized and do not depend on someone personally.

Organizational structure of the company

Build a hierarchy of your company in the OneBox system and roles in each department. The structure of your enterprise is visualized in the system, which allows you to quickly determine who is working in this or that department and decide who should put the task.

Binding of workflows to company's structure and roles

Build the structure of the company in your system not only for clarity of hierarchy, but for the operation of automatic system actions in business processes. OneBox will "understand" who is the head of the department and who to set the task for, or whom to notify about violations if the head is indicated in the structure.

Binding of KPIs to company's structure and roles

Indicate to your employees efficiency counters — KPI, by which the system will evaluate and show you the work of each manager, department and department. For clarity, these indicators are marked in color and displayed in the "Structure" section. Even in a large company, you will quickly notice the "red" zones in which there are problems. OneBox can charge salaries, bonuses or fines without your participation on the basis of KPI, as well as notify you that the minimum is not met or that it is overfulfilled.

Hierarchical company's structure with subordinates

Customize the structure of your company in the OneBox system to solve simultaneously a number of tasks: build a visual model of hierarchy of subordination in the company; to enable employees to quickly find the department, employee and manager they need; show the rating of all employees of the company and indicate to the system who the employee is, who is subordinate, so that the OneBox system notifies the managers in violation of instructions and rules by subordinates.

Granular configuration of employees' roles

All people are different and work differently, but the detailed setting of the role makes it possible to clearly identify the functions of the employee who will be accepted for this role in the enterprise. Configure detailed access rights, subordination, performance indicators, performance standards for roles and determine the automatic actions that the system will apply to this role.

Designation of KPIs to employees

The system has built-in options for "carrot and stick" for your employees. OneBox automatically punishes for inefficient work, when the results are below the minimum threshold — notifies the manager, imposes a fine, blocks access to the system. Also, the system automatically encourages bonuses and bonuses to employees who overfulfilled the plan. KPI counters can read tasks, sales, revenues, calls, letters and other indicators. Customize the metrics you need and automate performance monitoring. In addition, this approach excludes bias in the evaluation of labor.

Knowledgebase (wiki) with reference to roles and hierarchy

The activity of your company accumulates experience in solving typical tasks and appeals. Gather valuable experience in the knowledge base, based on this, formulate work standards that will help your employees and beginners not to invent a bicycle, but to receive an operational response at certain stages of the work. In order not to distract employees with unnecessary information and to simplify the search for answers, the system shows the manager only those knowledge base records that relate to his role.

Control of reading wiki by employees

Create entries in the knowledge base and specify what role the article should be familiarized with. The OneBox system will monitor and show you which of the employees of this role read the new standard, and who did not read it. Moreover, the system can block the work of the manager until he reads the entry in the knowledge base.

Stocktaking of employees' working time

The OneBox system can restrict employees access to the system during off hours. To do this, specify the beginning and end of the working day and weekends for each role, to exclude the possibility of visiting the system during non-working hours and processing by managers.

System of staff members’ testing

Create test questionnaires to assess employee knowledge, and the OneBox system will distribute them to your managers, monitor the execution of the test, and analyze the results of their responses. For this you do not need any third-party services. Create a test, send it out, control the work on it and its results you can right into the system.
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