SMS notifications

The OneBox system turns your company into a single pulsating organism, in which everything is interconnected and all employees keep a hand on the pulse of this organism. Thanks to the notification center, you will learn how the status of your task has changed, if a payment is made for your project, someone wrote a comment or the client sent you a letter — you receive a notification. The notification options are different. In order for the system to send important messages to employees even when they are not at the computer, tick off the "Send notifications by SMS" checkbox.

A single notification center within the system

The OneBox system notifies you of any changes that you are involved in. Notifications are received by the task author, performer, client or an observer added to the task. You do not need to notify colleagues in addition, they will see all the changes and comments on the fact of their appearance. You can open a task in one click with which the message came — just click on the body of the notification. The notification shows the text and allows you to answer or hide the window without opening the task itself, after which this notification is no longer displayed. To hide all notifications, click on "Delete all notifications". You can receive notifications in the form of SMS, email or in your mobile application OneBox. This functionality allows you to be always up to date and does not need to be distracted by unnecessary information.

Support of Notification Center in Mac OS X

The OneBox system shows you everything that happens in your tasks, orders and projects. If someone left a comment, opened a subtask, added a file, a document, or made a payment, you will learn about it. In addition, you will receive notifications from the system, such as late order or other system notifications. If you want to receive them as pop-ups on top of all browser tabs or sound notifications while working in Mac OS X, then OneBox will send you them, but such notifications should be enabled in your browser settings.

Support of Notification Center in Windows

The OneBox System Notification Center shows employees all the events and changes that are opened by their access rights settings. All updates are shown as a number that shows the number of unread notifications. These notifications can be opened, read, answered and closed without going over to the tasks and projects from which the notifications came. To receive sound notifications and pop-up notifications, you need to allow this in your browser's settings in Windows.

Support of PUSH-notifications into mobile apps for iOS and Android

All OneBox clients can work in a mobile application. This application can be downloaded freely from the App Store and Google Play, installed on phones and tablets that run on iOS and Android. The OneBox system sends PUSH notifications about everything that happens in your tasks, projects and orders. So you and your employees, anywhere in the world, are constantly aware of the processes and events taking place in the company.

Support of PUSH-notifications into modern browsers

Your OneBox system will ensure that you learn about all the events, comments, payments, actions of employees and automatic actions of the system to which you are involved. To do this, you do not need to look at the tab where the OneBox system is open, you can freely open other tabs and programs and work in them. And the OneBox system will send you a PUSH notification, which you will see on top of all windows and will be able to open the task in one click. But this notification must be supported by your browser.

Every employee will be instantly aware of every action and event he has access permissions to

The OneBox system immediately notifies you of changes made by users or automatic system actions. Changes and comments in tasks, orders and projects initiate the sending of notifications in the OneBox system to all those who are involved in the process. Each role is configured with access rights. These settings restrict employees access to private information and actions in the system that do not relate to their authority. Also, the settings for access rights also restrict notifications that refer to the areas of the company's activities that are closed to the employee.

Email notifications

You can independently tell the system who and in what form to send notifications, and also set up access rights so that your employees can only see the information that relates to their position and nothing superfluous. Configure e-mail notifications so that the OneBox system sends a letter to the specified mailbox with information about changes in your tasks, orders and projects.
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