Tracking of employees via GSM triangulation

The operator transfers the location of the mobile device, the coordinates are determined through the distance from the phone to the operator's cell stations. This happens in each phone constantly to select the nearest tower. The functional is configured with the operator Kyivstar. Accordingly, employees must use the Kyivstar numbers and consent to the tracking. The function works even on the most budget phones. Having access to the coordinates of the subscriber, it is possible to automate dispatching control, control of couriers, effectively manage remote personnel and transport. The system automatically compares the order area and the location area of ​​the employee. The head sees the distribution of employees by districts, the history of their movements.

Integration with cars' GPS-tracking

The OneBox system will help you manage the logistics of your enterprise. To account for the movement of your vehicles or the movement of your goods, which are accompanied by GSM-sensors in the system, it is possible to receive coordinates from these GPS beacons and track movement. The system locks once in a given time interval. You can open a report on the tracker, set the time interval and see these points plotted on Yandex.Map or Google Map in the form of a route.

GPS tracking for employees from the mobile app

The OneBox system will monitor, monitor, store and report you the movement of your employees. This feature works in a mobile app that is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The application sends GPS-marks to the system, along which the route of movement of your employee is built. These data will help you to build the optimal routes, check the movement of subordinates, calculate the payment for business trips. In addition, the system can automatically notify the manager if the manager closes the order, being outside the client's address.
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