Contact list

Addresses, telephones, a description of all your leads, customers, employees and partners are available in a single database. Filter in one click contacts according to the characteristic you need: by region, activity type or by your manager, who created contacts in the system. All contact cards are allocated to convenient groups to work with them quickly. To segment the database, use either the basic parameters, or create the additional attributes you need, such as the size of the shoe or the brand of car.

Support for contacts' distribution into the groups and multi-groups

Group and divide contacts into groups for convenient and quick work with them. Create an unlimited number of groups for your contact database. Each person or company can be included in one group or several at once. Contacts can be built in the form of a "tree" with a hierarchical structure to quickly navigate in them.

Automatic distribution of contacts into smart groups

Select the rules by which OneBox will automatically divide your contacts into groups. If the customer first called you, the system will add it to the group "Warm leads". If the client refused — the system will send it to the group "Refusers". You can create such groups as many as you like, using different rules. This tool will automatically distribute, organize all your contacts and save your time.

Convenient contact filtering by various parameters

Simply select the option and click the filter. The characteristics by which you will find contacts in the database, there are many. In addition to the main create any additional signs: eye color, hobbies, favorite dish. Thus, your contacts will be clearly divided according to the desired attribute. And your mailings, calls, and any other advertising activity will be directed only at the target audience. Employees, thanks to filtration, instantly find the necessary contact in the system and see all related tasks, orders, calls and letters.

Displaying of contact samplings on the map

Filter the group you want in the contact database and click "Contacts on the map." You will see in which region are the selected contractors. Mapping allows you to quickly build an optimal route, track the location of contacts and plan actions, taking into account the territorial conditions. Coordinates of contacts are displayed on Yandex.Maps and Google Maps.

Visualization of data about contacts

Select the contact selection in a way convenient for you: list, table, tile, on the map of Yandex or Google.
The list can be scrolled quickly, you can see the contacts you need and information on them. Mark the contact boxes in bulk or one at a time. Apply the editing to the selected ones, which is ten times faster than opening each contact card separately.
In the form of a table it is customary to work with contacts for lovers of the Excel program. You can access the familiar commands: "Copy", "Paste" (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) and others.
The tile is convenient for perception by showing only basic information: name, photo, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
The display of contacts on the map shows the coordinates of the people or enterprises you are interested in on the map.

Import and export of contacts and groups to Excel

In OneBox it is easy to download the database of contacts or download it in XLS format. Edit the contact database outside of the system, edit it in Excel, or bulk edit and load contacts back into the OneBox system — no problem.
When the XLS file is downloaded to the system, OneBox will check the contacts on the ID column and update the corresponding cards. If the contacts do not have an ID, the system will check the complete match of the fields: name, phone, email and company. If it finds a complete match — updates the card, if it does not find, then creates a new contact. Thus, OneBox automatically processes the information arrays about new and existing contacts, updates your database and eliminates duplication.

Contact management

Manage millions of contacts can be incredibly fast. Open the contacts with a list and filter by the desired attributes of those who need you. Massively edit them: move them to another group, sign up for a newsletter or assign contacts to another manager. All this takes you a few minutes, even if the base of contacts you have counted in millions.
Check the box to whom you want to apply the changes. The "Select All" field allows you to flag all contacts on the page in bulk, and the "Apply to all filtered contacts" field allows you to edit all the contacts that correspond to the selected filter.

Mass mailing on the selection of contacts

OneBox collects into your contact database everyone with whom you and your employees communicate over working IP telephony and e-mail. From the entire database of contacts with filters you can easily select only the desired recipients and notify them in bulk of the hot offer or promotion through the mailing list.
To do this, you need to fill in the contact filter fields and click "Filter". In the selected contact group, note who is sending the email or SMS. Specify contacts for distribution can be selectively or massively select all. The "Apply to all filtered contacts" field will send a mass mailing to all selected recipients. Then create a message and send. If you want to test the newsletter before launching it, click "Test mail", so that the letter or message came first only to you and you could evaluate it before launching it.

Easy and convenient addition of contacts

You can add new contacts in different ways. The button "Add contact" is available not only in the main menu, so you do not have to constantly return to it when working with contacts.
You received an appeal, opened a contact, but you realized that this card is not the one with whom you communicated, but its namesake and namesake. Click the "Add a contact" button, create a new contact card and link the task, order, or project to it. And do not get confused anymore.
To add contacts it is possible being on a page of base of contacts, at any way of display. The manager filtered all contacts in the database, did not find the necessary contact and immediately created it without delay.

Constructor of contact's card interface

For each contact card, you can set up a convenient interface for you only with the information you need. The flexibility of the system allows you to put additional blocks and fields, and remove unnecessary ones. The specified fields of the contact card can be made mandatory. Thus, the manager can not create a card without full filling.
Specify different characteristics, types, and display conditions for the fields: text fields, check-boxes, numbers or date fields, links or fields for uploading files. Also, the field can open a drop-down list, a contact directory or a product catalog.
Under different tasks, the system configured by you shows fields only for a certain group. You select which fields will be displayed in the pop-up window when you hover the cursor or in the window of an incoming call.

Quick start for business-processes from contact's card

The contact card interface allows you to instantly launch a business process without leaving the contact card. Thus, you save time on every call. You were contacted by the buyer, you created his contact card and immediately created an order that he announced or launched another business process that you need.
To run a project, task, or order directly from the contact card, add the "Business Processes" field to the contact cards interface, which will open a drop-down list of processes available to the user.

Sending email in one click

Everyday activities, such as sending a letter, with OneBox become even faster. You save a few seconds on one operation, it's already tens of minutes a day, a week — you save hours, and the amount of such hours per month will save you a whole working day.
How to write a client in one click?
When you hover over the name of the client, you will see its email address in the pop-up window. Click on the address and before you the form of sending the letter. Add text and send.

Ability to send sms to client in one click

Do not waste time searching for a contact and entering his number. In the OneBox system, move the cursor over the client name and in the pop-up window you will see its number, and next to the icon with the text "Write SMS." One click on this icon opens a field for creating and sending a message to the client's phone.
It is noteworthy that the function is available in any window of the system and at any stage of the business process: in the database of contacts, in the task, in comments, in the order or in another block where the contact is shown.

The ability to call a customer in one click (click-to-call)

This option saves a lot of time for managers and at times speeds up their productivity. Spending the time to manually dial a number is simply irrational, when OneBox allows you to use click-to-call. It works very simply: see the phone number in the system, click on it and your IP-phone already calls the client. The function is necessary for those who often call customers, employees or partners.

Support for contacts hierarchy (holdings, companies, employees)

Create contacts of companies, tie employees to individual enterprises and reflect the real hierarchy. To conveniently display branched companies and their staff, OneBox has the ability to create multi-level hierarchies.
The employee contact card is attached to their company, and the company itself, if it is part of the holding company, becomes attached to this holding. Thus, you see the branching of the organizational structure of the holding of your partner or client.

Displaying of client's addresses on the map

Open the contact card and if the contact's address was recorded, the OneBox will display the location of the address on the map. For the "Location" block, the OneBox system uses the familiar Yandex and Google maps. This solution allows you to instantly see the coordinates of the contact and choose the optimal delivery route, meeting place and so on.

Cut-away statistics by contact's and company's card

The OneBox system captures all actions of managers and events, from which statistics are automatically generated. It can be viewed both in general form, and in a section for each project, business process or contact. When you open a contact card, you can see in it not only contact information, but also statistics of tasks, projects, accounts, calls that relate to the selected contact. Thus, the contact card in the OneBox system by default gives the most complete statistics in a section related to an individual customer or company. You see all the data, without having to go to other tabs or third-party report services and make a selection by contact.

Contact's balance sheet (billing, debts)

The contact card shows not only the photo, addresses, phone numbers and other contact details of the client. It also displays payment obligations: how much a client should pay you or how much money you should transfer to him.

Information about the balance on the account of the client or partner is available to you in his contact card, and also available to your counterpart in his personal online office. This solution removes a lot of questions, allows you to work openly and reconcile payments at any time and bilaterally.

All kinds of communications directly in the contact card

The OneBox system captures all the work communication of the company's employees: calls, emails and SMS messages. Saved events are available to you both in the general list, and in a separate contact card.
Open the contact card and view all the negotiations with it, located on the timeline chosen by you. All incoming and outgoing calls, as well as letters and messages that sent or received a contact are available directly in his card.

History of reviews of the products the contact used to review on the website

The tab of the contact card "Interest of products" shows the list of products that visitors viewed in your online store. With the help of this function, your manager will know exactly which item to offer the buyer additionally, for example, when placing an order.
Your employee, instead of pronouncing a standard list of promotional products, will advise the client exactly what he really is interested in. The manager will find out the reasons why the buyer did not complete the purchase of the scanned product, will offer analogues, discounts and help to buy. If used correctly, the function will ensure that the revenue from each order increases.

Bonus program

The bonus program is already a familiar and proven way to attract repeat sales and increase customer loyalty. Information about bonuses for each client is available in the contact card. When processing an order, your manager sees the bonuses accumulated by the client. He can write off and charge bonuses to the customer manually, if necessary. In this case, each such action is tied to the order number, according to which the balance of bonuses is changed, which limits the possibility of unfair use of bonuses.

All contact's payments right in the card

The contact card displays the entire billing history associated with the contact. The card reflects incoming and outgoing payments, the total amount and detailed information for each individual payment, whether it is a payment created or planned.
In a report that is available in the contact card, any payment can be quickly found — filter it by transaction, by date of creation or creation, by cashier, by the document number, by the account through which the payment was made, by categories: salary, purchase, office expenses, taxes and so on.

Quick document creation for the client

The contact card displays all the documents associated with it. To quickly find the document of interest, filtering the list helps. Create a document on the client — click "Add document" without leaving the card. You will open a form where you specify the name of the document, a template of the document with the requisites, the system will automatically supply information about the client to it. Next, select the status: sent, received, in the archive and date of the document.
You can choose which products you need to take into account in the invoice document, whether the document will be available for viewing in the client's office and whether it can be paid from the client's office. You can enable the option "Create a document for each product in the order" and the system automatically generates the documents.

History of projects, orders, tasks on the client

In the contact card, you see all your cooperation with this counterpart: tasks, orders and projects. This is very convenient, because when you open a contact card, you see the entire history of working with it, as well as all the current processes and their statuses. You do not need to search for payments, tasks, events and other information related to the client. All this has already been collected and arranged for you in one window — in one contact card.

Legal details of the company

OneBox allows you to specify the type of contact: legal or natural person. What determines which fields will be on the card, how payments will be made, documents will be formed and how the contact will be filtered. When making orders, individuals do not need to provide details and they have different methods of payment: cash or a payment card. A legal entity must specify the details and make payments according to the rules. To automate the process of filling in details, add them one-time in the "Legal details" tab and they will be pulled into documents automatically. In the system there is a choice of different countries with fields for entering requisites, corresponding to their legislation.
The type of contact "Legal entity" can contain many subordinates — that is, employees of this enterprise. And in the cards of the company's employees, the connection with the employer company is also reflected.
For visualization, the system adds icons that help instantly distinguish the type of contact: the company from the person, the man from the woman.

History of every contact's changes

Your OneBox system keeps a complete history of editing each contact card. You can always see who, when and what field has changed. You will see the old value of the field and the changed value of the field. If there were a lot of changes to the contact, then for more convenient search, use the filters available in the contact card. In addition to the changes that users make manually, OneBox also saves changes that the system has made automatically, based on the conditions it has set.

Access rights for the contact

Permissions allow you to make a decision literally for every action of the user in the system and for each block that the employee sees or does not see. This detailing will allow you to clearly define what to leave out of view of your manager and what powers he has to open. Detailed setting of access rights takes time only for the employee's first card, and for other employees in the same position, you can simply copy permissions. The OneBox system provides such an opportunity. To install a new employee an exact copy of his colleague's access level will take less than a minute.

Employee KPI indicators

The OneBox system gives you an automated control over the work of employees. Define performance counters with which the system will check the success of your managers and automatically apply automatic actions: pay salaries, bonuses, fine, notify the manager of a violation or even fire an employee — that is, block an electronic pass to the office, access to the system and work mail.
KPI indicators can be calculated in different units: the number of calls, the amount of revenue for a period of time, the number of closed tasks or processed orders. In the system, different KPI settings are available by default. If necessary, we can also refine additional counters for your tasks.

Work schedule of employees

Set the work schedule in your employee's contact card. The setting limits the employee's access to the system outside of working hours. This will allow you to be sure that the manager does not work overtime and does not burn out. In addition, new tasks and orders received after the end of the working day, the system will automatically transfer the next day. If your customers track orders and tasks in their personal account, they will see the actual information about the planned deadline.

Support for GPS contacts' tracking (for employees)

Track in a single system the routes of your employees, cargo and transport. A mobile application installed on the phones of your managers or partners, fixes the coordinates of their movement on GPS and sends geo-tags to OneBox. The system imposes a route on the map of Yandex and Google and shows you the route of movement of the contact for the selected period of time. For example, you chose the date and saw the route on the map that you selected the contact on that day.

Grouping and segmentation of contacts

Group your contact database for your tasks without too much effort. OneBox handles contact databases of up to 100 million cards with all tabs and hierarchy. The functionality of the OneBox system allows you to segment contacts by smart groups manually or automatically by specified parameters. Filtering a group of contacts relevant to your goal and starting a mass mailing will take you a few minutes. You only need to specify in the filter the conditions for selecting contacts and click "Filter".

Lead channels management

Evaluate the effectiveness of each advertising channel and make informed decisions, in which directions it is worth investing an advertising budget, and in which there is not. The OneBox system tracks the channels from which the buyer came. The amount spent on the advertising channel is divided by the number of interested visitors (leads) to understand the cost of one lead to your site from this channel. OneBox helps you to intelligently distribute investments in advertising campaigns.

Personal online client cabinets

To remove the burden from managers, get rid of unnecessary questions and increase customer loyalty — open their personal online offices. The module of private clients' cabinets is available in the system by default. All you need is to enter the client's card, set the client's access level to it and send him a login and password to enter your personal account. In his office, the client will see related projects, orders, tasks, information on his payments and orders. In the settings, you can independently specify what you want and what you do not want to display in your clients' private rooms. Your contractors will be able to enter the office at any time of the day and receive answers to their questions without calling your office.

Check for uniqueness of data

The OneBox system helps you process huge amounts of data automatically without duplicating contacts, orders or items in your database. When you create a contact manually, the system checks the uniqueness of the phone number and e-mail: if they are duplicated, OneBox will not create a contact and indicate which card already has these addresses or phones. When you download a file with a contact table, OneBox will check ID, phone numbers, name and email address of these contacts. Matching cards the system will update, the missing ones will create.

Sales support systems (SFA)

The sales process differs depending on the type of customer: a new or regular customer and other characteristics affect the choice of the sales strategy. The sales department has its own specifics of working with each selected sector. The system allows you to quickly determine the type of customer and work with each of the groups of buyers according to the rules specific to it. Correction of business processes of sales can be done without involving programmers.
The OneBox system integrates with third-party services, from which managers also receive information about the interests and orders of the buyer. The relevance of the catalog of goods, their availability in warehouses and with suppliers is also provided by the integration of OneBox with external services and price-lists.

Forms of client surveys and questionnaires

OneBox gives you a tool to check the customer satisfaction with the completed order. This function collects feedback from customers so that you analyze the responses and react to them promptly — made the service service as comfortable as possible for the customers. At the stage of order execution, if you specify automatic action in the settings, the system will send a form to the customer each time with questions about the quality of service, the level of satisfaction and his wishes. Customer responses will come into the system as tasks for the employee responsible for analyzing customer loyalty. Answers are ordered in the form of fields, they are convenient to analyze and process.
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