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Each leader and business owner shall expressly understand that the expected result, sales and earnings of the whole company depend on the employee performance quality. But how to organize the activity of each employee that he could engage and plan it independently, at the same time, that the leader could spend little time for supervision and control, and the efficiency could have the best value? This question is asked by those who leads people and aims at increase in productivity of their work. Thanks to implementing of innovative customer management system the interaction with clients can be most automated and the staff activity can be clear established. This system is named CRM today.

What is the CRM-system?
Otherwise speaking the CRM-system is a content rich program developed for marketing optimization, improving of interaction with clients and automatization of their service. This abbreviation of CRM means the application software.
This system allows to collect information on clients, store it in the database of the company and handle at any time. The person working in CRM has an opportunity to keep a huge client database, control and analyze sales, distribute the volume of work and report to the superior officer in any convenient form.

How does CRM-system work?
As aforesaid the database of clients and further work with them are built up in the system. In most cases the trade missions, call centers, analyst and marketing companies are interested in this software. One person (for example, the manager) is capable of working with the database, in which the number of clients can be up to several thousand. At the same time, the maximum information on clients’ activity, types of activity, its today’s relevance and prospects will be available at any time.
The CRM-system is a unique product working with which the staff optimization will be maximal! Consider for a moment, do you want increase in sales? Are you interested in the minimum control of your staff members? Would you like to possess the huge client database and information on each client? If yes, then you need CRM even today!

What is a CRM-system, ERP-system, business process management (BPM)

and what is OneBox
OneBox is a software package that includes a CRM system, an ERP system and business process management (BPM).

What is a CRM system?

CRM system is a software for organization and automation of work with customers. Reducing CRM — from English Customer Relationship Management. CRM systems are designed to maintain the base of potential customers' appeals (in modern slang "lead", lead), organization of work with existing customers, organization and automation of sales departments and marketing and lidogeneration tools.

In general terms, the CRM system:
  • stores and processes the entire database of existing customers
  • gives employees an interface for managing clients, their tasks, and segmentation. Usually the interface is intended for sales managers and marketers;
  • accepts various lead flows (new calls from potential customers)
  • automates repeated operations with the client base, for example, such as sending an SMS or a letter, recalling a call or meeting;
  • allows you to do analytics on the above data.
CRM-systems have different purposes:
  • Sales management (from English Sales Force Automation, not to be confused with SalesForce): the sales manager sees his customers and the tasks that he needs to do in relation to each customer.
  • Automation of marketing: the organization of streams, heating of leads, automation of dispatches, trigger letters, etc.
  • Automation of loyalty programs: each client is identified, a bonus program is built. The customer identification can be carried out in various ways: from mobile phone to plastic cards, face recognition, etc.
  • Organization of call centers or customer support systems: processing incoming customer requests, generating outgoing messages, further processing customer requests (tickets).

What is an ERP system?

ERP system is a software for managing company resources. Reducing ERP — from the English Enterprise Resource Planning. Every company has three types of resources:
  • finance;
  • employees and their time
  • warehouse and production operations
ERP is a transactional system built on operations. The main task of ERP is the accurate accounting of data. For example, the "write-off" operation is a specific transaction. Unlike CRM — ERP systems, it operates on accurate data. In ERP, there can not be a write-in transaction to a warehouse with an inaccurate quantity of goods. Based on the data, further analysis and processes are built.

What is BPM or business process management?

BPM is the mechanism for managing the company's business processes. The BPM concept assumes that all actions that employees commit can and should be systematized and shifted to electronic business processes. Each action is a business process with pre-defined instructions and steps.

BPM is a modern analog of job descriptions and functional duties at the enterprise.
Every employee knows for which business processes or parts of business processes he is responsible. Since these business processes are electronic and they work in the BPM-system, the employee does not need to read the paper instruction constantly, the BPM-system prompts it.

When automating business processes, the BPM system is forced to integrate with CRM and ERP. For example, customer cards are taken from CRM, and shipment operations are initiated in ERP. For example:
  • the employee clicks to ship the goods in the BPM interface at a certain stage of the transaction (business process)
  • a customer card with its data is taken from CRM;
  • an order is sent to ERP for the shipment of the necessary goods;
  • the results of the operation are displayed to the employee on the screen.
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