Decide how you want to implement the OneBox CRM system.

We offer three options.
  • 1 Independently, with the help of technical support and instructions
    When you purchase OneBox, you get access to our technical support.
    Technical support provides advice on the existing functionality of OneBox, takes tasks for refinement and eliminates bugs.
    80% of tickets are processed within 4 hours after treatment.
    Technical support answers only to specific direct questions "how it works" or "how to set it up".
    We do not provide a general question or help in systematization of your business process (for example, "tell us how best to maintain a financial account" or "how to get my employees to work in CRM").

    Order implementation of CRM
  • 2 With the help of a professional integrator company or business consultant
    You can hire any business consultant or integrator company to help systematize your business processes and transfer them to CRM.
    If necessary, the consultant can draw up a technical assignment, and we will shift it to the capabilities of OneBox.
    We can also provide a list of consultants for your industry.

    Order implementation of CRM
  • 3 With the help of our integrators
    Our company has its own CRM integrators.
    A feature of the work of our integrators is that we teach the client how to independently manage the entire OneBox and prescribe the processes.
    The service is chargeable, and, as a rule, there is a turn on it.

    Order implementation of CRM

How CRM is implemented with the help of an integrator

The process of integrating CRM into any company is individual, but there are common features that can be distinguished:
  • Together with the integrator, the goal of implementation in measurable units is determined. For example, increasing the speed of order processing, reducing the number of missed calls in the sales department, etc.;
  • Together with the business consultant, the necessary departments of the enterprise are analyzed;
  • The plan of introduction and achievement of the necessary indicators is drawn up and coordinated;
  • Configurable key business processes in the CRM-system;
  • All employees of the company are given access to CRM and if necessary, installs a mobile application;
  • The company management in the orderly basis forces its employees to work on a new business process already in the CRM-system, and not verbally or on paper. Unfortunately, without this item employees will not work in CRM
  • The analysis of the first results of work of employees;
  • A plan is prepared for the next stage of implementation or correction of existing business processes.

Opportunities offered by the introduction of CRM-system OneBox

I want to install telephony, which will be linked to CRM

We are thinking about the introduction or "upgrade" of our telephony. We would like to immediately integrate telephony and CRM to get more business opportunities.

I want to hear all the calls and read all the staff mail

We need to collect all information about communications by email and phones, read all staff mail, listen to all calls. Group letters and calls to contacts.

I want to control my employees and understand what they are doing and will do

In our company there are a lot of employees and we just do not have time to control everything qualitatively. We need to track all mail correspondence, all calls, all tasks and actions of our employees.

I want to conduct a full CRM audit and understand the CRM capabilities for my business

We are only faced with the implementation of CRM, ERP, BPM systems and we do not yet fully understand what opportunities this can bring with regard to our business. We need to analyze in detail the software products and get advice on the list of functional and how this functionality goes to the processes of our business.

I want to conduct transactions and sales in CRM

We have a sales department and we need modern and fast software so that sales managers can do their job better and better.

I want to build my billing with the client cabinet

In our company there is a sufficiently large subscriber base, from which we take money for maintenance once a day / month / year. We need software that will be reliable and it will be convenient to monitor the balance and payments of our customers.

(Ideal for telecom operators, Internet operators, hosting providers and security companies)

I want to build my client cabinet

We are a big company and our clients need to give the opportunity to communicate conveniently with us. To do this, we would like to create our own customer cabinet, in which our customers could conveniently draw up their orders, see all the statuses of transactions, documents and payments.

I want to automate the receipt of calls to the company (tickets)

Our company receives many calls and letters with various requests (tickets). We need to turn all these calls into tasks with specific states, build queues for such tasks, learn how to structure them and manage the flow.

I want to create my knowledge base (wiki)

Our company needs to create an electronic knowledge base about the processes and rules in the company, monitor that employees of certain positions always know their instructions. When the instruction changes, they will receive a notification and will be sure to familiarize themselves with the new rules.

I want to record calls from mobile lines (GSM)

Our managers work in the fields with mobile phones. We need to somehow see their location, calls, maybe listen to the sound recordings. However, phones can be very old and not support 3G / LTE.

I want to integrate with 1C

In our company there is already 1С, with which some employees work (for example, accounting). We would like to leave accounting at 1C, and transfer all other employees to a more modern and convenient cloud product.

I want to integrate with my sites

We have several sites (or one site) and we need to collect all requests from sites in a single database (for example, CRM). And that managers further processed applications already inside CRM, and not on leaves and papers.

I want to keep in my CRM all my personal files and notes

I need simple software to keep personal files, notes, home finances.

I want to automate my call center

We have a need to create your call center or contact center and I need software or a consultant on this issue.

Or you already have your call center and you would like to optimize the processes.

I want to shift the business processes in the company from paper to CRM and ERP

A lot of standards and rules are already written in our company, but on paper. Some of them simply do not remember them. We need to make an electronic system of business processes, so that employees understand what they are doing and they did not have to constantly read the paper instructions.

I want to maintain accurate management accounting

We need to automate management accounting - all tasks, projects, finances, current and expected company balances, monitor all business processes.

I want to manage my sales more effectively

We already have a sales department and we need to improve its efficiency: to sell more, to lose less. CRM-system can help us in this - we will not miss deals, calls, forget about customers, set up a cycle of follow up and cross-selling.

I want to manage production and make it flawless

Now our production is managed by the employees themselves at their discretion. We want to clearly define all the processes and transfer them to the software. We need to fully control the remains of materials, production cycles, losses and costs of materials, the resulting products.

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