Fully customizable system interface

Customize windows, fields, blocks and search filters the way you would most like to work on the OneBox system. In the settings, you can specify which fields will be in the pop-up window of the telephony with the incoming call, which fields and tabs will be visible to the managers in the admin panel, what kind of product card, contact card and what will be every stage of the business process. Also you can edit the blocks available to customers in private offices, customize the appearance and functions available in the mobile version.

Fully customizable order, task and project card interface

The data that your employees will see in the cards of orders, tasks and projects you customize and correct with the help of an intuitive interface designer. This allows you to remove unnecessary fields that you do not need to fill out so that they do not distract and do not load attention. Instead, add the necessary fields and blocks, arrange them in a convenient form and increase the speed of processing orders, tasks and projects.
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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