Fully customizable system interface

Customize windows, fields, blocks and search filters the way you would most like to work on the OneBox system. In the settings, you can specify which fields will be in the pop-up window of the telephony with the incoming call, which fields and tabs will be visible to the managers in the admin panel, what kind of product card, contact card and what will be every stage of the business process. Also you can edit the blocks available to customers in private offices, customize the appearance and functions available in the mobile version.

Fully customizable order, task and project card interface

The data that your employees will see in the cards of orders, tasks and projects you customize and correct with the help of an intuitive interface designer. This allows you to remove unnecessary fields that you do not need to fill out so that they do not distract and do not load attention. Instead, add the necessary fields and blocks, arrange them in a convenient form and increase the speed of processing orders, tasks and projects.

Fully customizable contact, client, lead card interface

The OneBox system allows you to customize the interface of contact cards: leads, customers, partners, contractors, companies and holdings. Add those blocks that you need to work and remove all unnecessary. You can change the appearance and functions of fields in contact cards without involving programmers at any time, which allows you to continuously optimize them.

Workflow constructor

Work with business processes that are available in the system, optimize them or create your own through the business process designer. The beauty of the designer is that without programming skills, you customize your system through understandable graphical elements. Create the stages that the employee passes, add automatic actions to each stage and set the order of execution. The OneBox system will check the correctness of employees and perform routine functions: sending documents, notifications, filling in fields, billing, and others. You can create an unlimited number of business processes.

Support of Callback and Autocall

Your OneBox system will not allow your employees to miss a single call, will be able to dial customers themselves and connect operators to successful calls. To do this, you need to integrate your corporate IP telephony and your OneBox system. Next, you need to specify the rules for accepting, distributing calls, configuring the chime for missed and ordered callbacks, and setting up auto dialing. Automate the work of your contact center and you will see how much faster the processing of calls by operators.

Telephony settings

Configure the actions that will be performed using your IP telephony: routing calls, setting tasks by calling, sending notifications, starting various business processes and generating statistics. You can configure which tasks and who will be put on the incoming call, which employee will be shown a pop-up window of the incoming call. What will be shown in the pop-up window. You can specify how the system reacts to missed calls, through how many the manager should call back, what data to enter into the system after communicating with the new client, and so on.

Configurable product filtering

To quickly search for and retrieve a selection of goods for the desired parameters, various filtering options are available in the system. You can use the default filter settings, or you can edit the fields to search: add or remove fields by which the system looks for items on the product database.

Configurable order, task and project filtering

In the OneBox system, you can open orders, tasks and projects in various kinds of display: funnel, list, chart and others. If you need to select a part, you can filter all data, for example by date, by employee, by customer, or by region. To do this, use the filters that are configured in the system. If you do not need any filter fields, remove them. If you need additional search options — open the settings and add.

Configurable contact, client and lead filtering

To quickly create a group of contacts and apply to them for example mass mailing or other activities, use the filters available on the OneBox system. You can filter the database of contacts by different parameters: by city, employee, by the number of orders and others. The filter panel you can adjust for your convenience: add, remove options. To do this, open "Settings", and then "Contact filter".

Additional fields for product cards

Lead your product database in the OneBox system, the product cards provide many fields for detailed information about the product or service that you are selling. If you need an additional field — you can easily add it in the settings and it will be displayed in all the product cards. Additional fields perform the same functions as the main ones: they can be filtered, displayed at different stages of business processes, and so on.

Additional fields for contact cards

Determine the most optimal fields for contact cards on your OneBox system and specify them in the settings. This will allow you to get rid of unnecessary fields and not be distracted by them when working with contacts, and also put in the contact cards those fields that you need and require filling. In this case, the fields in the contact card can have different functions: pull the card when entering the address, open the drop-down list and many other functions.

Additional fields for task, order, project cards

Customize the display of each stage of the business process as it will be convenient for your purposes. In all tasks, orders and projects, you can add an unlimited number of additional fields, specify the logic of their work, specify in what form you can enter information, and remove all unnecessary fields so as not to distract your employees when working.

Designer of own directories

You can create your own unique workbooks for working with the system, which will be available to your employees. This will help to keep abreast of how this or that setting works, will save your time on training beginners and help refresh knowledge for those who have forgotten. Such a source of information will answer the questions of employees at any time, without the need to involve other specialists.

Fully customizable system menu

Configure the menu interface on your OneBox system as it is convenient for you. To do this is not difficult, for this you do not need programmers, just open the settings and add the necessary tabs, and remove the extra ones. This will allow you to assemble a unique system that will be arranged in the most optimal way and help you to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Fully customizable product card interface

In the OneBox system, you can change the interface of the product card yourself and optimize it for your work. Add and remove tabs of the card, place the blocks in the right place, add additional fields, specify how these fields will be filled, what data to pull, and so on. The OneBox system is a designer from which you build the most convenient system for you.
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