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CRM system

Modern conditions of doing business are such, that administration and personnel of the company clearly realize the necessity of implementation of such a tool as business automation CRM system.

What it provides?

OneBox CRM system is an efficient and modern tool for business management. It fits as for the large, so for the small and medium enterprises. It is useful to implement automation for your company at the earliest opportunity. If you believe that you can do business in old-fashioned way at the initial stages of company’s development, you won’t be able to reach a qualitatively new level and compete with more advanced enterprises.

What new opportunities CRM system provides for your business?

It enables total automation of all the processes at your enterprise. Routine work, which used to be very time-consuming for the employees, is going to be performed in automatic mode. Workflows can be configured according to specificity of your company’s work. One of the unique functions of the CRM system is a convenient OneBox calendar. It allows planning daily, weekly and monthly tasks and controlling their fulfillment. You can sort tasks by the priority, a project, an assigned employee etc.

Everything gets recorded now: orders, payments’ history, emails, calls

CRM system allows to automate document flow, which reduces time expenses and improves efficiency of company’s work. Such function, like warehouse automation, is especially useful for trading enterprises, as well as the ability to exchange prices-lists and other information with supplier directly in the box, recalculation of prices, inventory. You can track all the financial flows in here, control incoming and outgoing payments. There is a feature of payments’ forecasting in OneBox. It is very convenient, since you will be totally aware of incomes, expected as at a certain date. CRM system also allows distributing tasks between employees in the most optimal way. By analyzing information, it picks up the most productive executor. This allows to improve significantly performance indicators of the company in general.

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