OneBox gives free gift CRM-licenses

Friends, we present the entrepreneurs with free OneBox licenses. Why? We will honestly answer you – in order «to hook on our product» those, who have not yet implemented CRM. Seriously speaking, we expect that this action will allow to step over a barrier of doubts to those, who are not sure yet, that it is worth to invest in automation. We are sure, that it's well-worth.

We are sure, that when you get a full license, which costs $ 399, for free, you will not miss this chance and you will automate your typical processes. It will save your forces and time, that you previously spent on the routine: documents creation, checking invoices, prices, goods, orders and contacts. When you speed up your work and increase its efficiency, you will “get hooked” on automation and you buy additional licenses for your employees to make their work more efficient.

How to get your gift license?

We give licenses to the visitors of different events, which are focused on our target audience – on businessmen and top managers. The participants of CRM Forum 2017, which took place in Kiev at the Olympic National Sports Complex, got their gift licenses.

A part of gift licenses will be presented to the participants of the II Exporters' Forum of Chernihiv region, which is organized by Chernihiv Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A set of booklets with promo codes, which activate OneBox license, was transferred to the organizers of Iforum 2017. The Participants of the largest Internet Forum in Ukraine will be able to get their key to automation on the 25th of May in Kiev, in the International Exhibition Center, Livoberezhna metro station. 

During the Iforum 2017 you will be able to listen to the report of our employee concerning CRM implementation and other presentations. Moreover, you will be able to visit a unique exhibition area, where our stand will be located. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with our experts and get answers to the questions of business automation, learn more about new developments. You can get registered for the forum following the link:

How to activate your promo code of the gift license?

To activate your promo code and get the license, please follow to our website by the link: and click “I have a promo code” in the registration field. 


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Тарас Набок
Marketing manager
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