OneBox acted as a partner for the Second Forum of exporters of Chernihiv region

The Chernihiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported by the State Administration of Chernihiv region, group of companies OneBox and other partners held the Second Forum of exporters of Chernihiv region on May 12, 2017. Forum’s attendees discussed development of the export and establishment of networking, these topics became the most prominent at the forum. 

The loss of Russian market forced exporters of the region to refocus on another countries. Chernihiv region had extended the export by 27% for the past 4 month of 2017 compared to 2016. Export of the agricultural products of Chernihiv region has reached the positive balance first time for the past 5 years: this means that the amount of purchased goods has become lower, than the amount of goods that are sold abroad. The forum gathered 150 participants, who learnt which foreign markets they can bring their products to, what they need to do to achieve this and who can give them support in this.

Forum attendees met in person and held the B2B-negotiation with the representatives of CCI of Ukraine abroad. They learnt about «Export strategy in Ukraine» from the authorities, they were able to ask the questions directly. They learnt about the actual information from the experts of national level.

«Almost all the exporters of the region, authorities, representatives of the ministries, foreign partner organizations gathered at one platform for the second time to discuss the matters, problems and development prospects of national export.» – Chernihiv CCI posted on its Facebook account.

Theses expressed at the forum:

  • Improve your product, so it complies with certification of export market;
  • Export everything you can think of. The perspectives are huge;
  • Expand your networking;
  • Small and medium business should join together into clusters to get more opportunities and increase the value of the products;
  • Deviate from the raw materials industry. Seek to sell finished product.
  • Keep up with useful information: new reforms, quotas, events for exporters. Visit webpages of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, CCI and other useful resources;
  • Demand required reforms and conditions from the government and not just simply wait you will be provided with the comfortable conditions. Only you, as business representative, know what conditions are required.

«The series of B2B-meetings, which were held after the forum, without a doubt exceeded expectations of all the participants. Every new contract made by our exporters is our triumph and new possibilities for our region’s development.» – is said at Chernihiv CCI webpage.


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Тарас Набок
Marketing manager
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