Road map product development
The product development roadmap is a guideline for current and future customers “What expects them to use OneBox CRM + ERP ”. Recall that OneBox is updated throughout the life of the product for free. Whatever whether you technical support or not. If you have OneBox, then you will always have the latest version of the product.
Roadmap is always long-term forecasts. Software market products - one of the most rapidly changing.
Our card is maximum excludes predictions and rigid fixation that will not to introduce the reader to delusion.
And you can vote for one of the blocks.
What is the use? The benefit is that we pay attention to what is more interesting for you in the development of OneBox.
Automation full cycle of processes

OneBox CRM + ERP strength is the ability automate all business processes of an enterprise without connect additional software. Our key focus is it expands the possibilities of such automation.


  • development and improvement of the ERP module. Warehouses, residues, products, finance, documents.
  • development and improvement of marketing tools so that the start of the business process takes place before the fact of physical contact with the contact
  • development of BPM modules for full automation of each stage. All that can be transferred to the “machine” is to be automated.

Maximum constructor

The second advantage of OneBox, which we plan to develop in the long run, this is the design of the product under yourself / under your business.

Customization of individual interface solutions, customization individual automation logic, setting up external integrations. All that concerns the adjustment of software for your processes. Our paradigm is that the software product should adapt to the business, and not vice versa.

Simpler, clearer, more attractive
In this direction, we are faced with a call. As the maximum designer to make as simple as possible. To implement this tasks we came up with a solution. We are developing all the new features in two steps. The first is the development of a function. The second is function optimization. Optimization of blocks, design, user application area.
Work through mobile devices

More and more processes are moving to mobile phones. Our Smartphones are taking on more and more features. Become more powerful, more convenient, more reliable.

We can not ignore this fact. Every year we pay separate attention and separate release to mobile application. OneBox mobile is a separate direction, with a separate development team, the task of which to do application more efficient.

Principle 1+1 = 3

Every year the number of automatic actions, on average, increases by 120 objects. These are 120 fundamentally new ones. automatic reactions that you can apply to yourself

As a result of this choice, each owner receives not 120 new features, and much more. Since you have it is possible to combine automatic Onebox reactions. For example the fact of creating a task on missed call where in the first stage will be sent SMS notification with the text that we know that you called and we will call you back. And the same reaction, but at the weekend with contact automation during working hours. We plan to keep and increase the pace.

Speed work

In each release we optimize the database, the core of the product. so that the speed of the OneBox increases by 30-60%. For Us is the static task of every update.

Self Learning, smart reactions, tips

We really don't like the wording “artificial intelligence” since it does not exist yet. At the moment there is only self-learning algorithms. Key benefits of such algorithms is that they can make predictions based on the history events. We use and develop such algorithms for:

  • forecasting events and activities forming tips for the best choice
  • ensuring reactions without human intervention on the basis of new unknowns
This unit is one of the most difficult in the development of the product and not less than 15% of the total.

Decision to change action. OneBox Market

Action is a brick. And the solution is the finished house. Of variety of bricks that are available to the user, we create turnkey solutions. These solutions we place in OneBox Market app store that you can connect with one keystroke. Under each release we we place at least 30 such solutions.

Internal communication

We believe that instant messengers and chat rooms have become so popular because they provide a very easy way to exchange valuable information. We decided to transfer this experience to the business. we build and continuously improve communication between employees developing internal and external chat rooms.

Cabinet customers and partners

We were the first CRM to provide absolutely free client area that does not require licenses. Customer Cabinet is the ability to easily interact. with your customers, partners, suppliers. Client Cabinet saves money by simplifying the load on performers and eliminates the possibility of loss of information. Client Cabinet is updated in each release, pumping features and capabilities.

Integration with the most popular services

The most popular services in your region immediately appear in onebox. You do not need to spend extra means and wait for months for a new release. Thanks to technology regular updates we ensure the connection of valuable online services.

You have read the OneBox development roadmap and you think we can do more?
Offer your unit development of our product.