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The usage of mobile platforms is growing rapidly, and today there are almost no such things, we cannot achieve having smartphones in our hands. Creating, assigning, and tracking tasks are just a few examples of how smartphones make entrepreneur’s life better and easier. Ignoring the mobile CRM means losing the vast pool of potential clients and making all the business processes going slower.

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On the other hand, the use of mobile CRM software can increase productivity, attract new clients and make the existing ones more loyal. OneBox mobile CRM application is the next step toward effective and successful business management, which even a small company can afford. So, why should you apply the mobile CRM solution like OneBox to your project?
  • 1 It gives the ability to improve your sales force performance. Having OneBox mobile CRM installed on their smartphones or tablets, your sales managers and representatives get the fastest access to all the client data, like the order history, so as the real-time price changes. Thus, your employees can focus on improving their selling skills and giving the most attention to each client instead of spending time on data management.
  • 2 It allows to keep track of everything. When you have CRM on mobile phone, you can manage your business wherever you are with immediate access to all the documents, tasks, financial and HR information, along with any other details you may need. You can now distribute your time reasonably and get rid of the unnecessary calls, emails, and text messages — all the information you need is in one place, in a single app.
  • 3 It can fit any customer’s needs. One of the main advantages of OneBox CRM is that it’s a highly customizable solution. After evaluation of your company’s goals and objectives by our team of professionals, you will be able to choose the most important features, modules and required app configuration to achieve the best results with OneBox CRM.
OneBox Mobile — it means fully automating all the time-consuming and time consuming processes, bringing order to any department of the enterprise and building a harmonious functioning within the companyи.

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In sum, our mobile CRM app is the powerful tool which, alongside with skilled employees, can take your business processes to a whole new level. You will have all the necessary information at hand, so as the ability to automate monotonous or complicated processes, and devote your efforts towards more creative tasks. It is easy to download and install OneBox CRM — just give it a try and you won’t be able to imagine running your business without it ever again.
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