Upload and processing of suppliers' price-lists

Downloading the price lists of your suppliers will be automated and save you time and effort. Select the vendor whose price list you want to process, select the currency in which the cost is specified and go to the file. Specify which columns of the price list table which fields of your database belong to. Preview how the system recognizes the table and associates the goods. If everything is configured correctly, start the download. Check, if necessary, correct, link price list items to products in the database, and then confirm the changes.

Mechanizms of price markups and recalculations

In the OneBox system, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of margin rules for each product category. Your system will analyze the rules for priorities from top to bottom — from higher to lower. You can also manually specify the default priority selection gradation by default. Specify the coefficients you want, the percentage of discounts and the ranges of mark-ups. The rules for mark-ups can be of different types, the OneBox system can make a mark-up in the form of a percentage of the cost price and a surcharge in the form of a prescribed amount. Run the recalculation and the system will make changes to your product database.

Support for RRP and MRP

The OneBox system takes into account such characteristics of the goods as the manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRC) and the minimum retail price (MRC). Such options allow to automatically limit the ability of the manager to write off the product at a price lower than indicated in the RRC or MRC. The minimum retail price, as a rule, is established by producers and suppliers of goods. This is a way to prevent price dumping and, as a result, a reduction in sales by companies that are economically unprofitable for low cost. The requirements to comply with the MRC can be prescribed in the contract with the supplier, and their violation can not only ruin the relationship with the business partner, but also result in legal proceedings. The OneBox system will ensure that none of your employees reduce the price to a critical level.

Automatic and manual orders for suppliers

Create and send orders to your suppliers manually when needed. Alternatively, give this process the automatic actions of the OneBox system. You can add an automatic action to the desired stage of the business process and each order, when the employee transfers the order to this stage, the system will take into account the written-off goods and order them from the supplier. You can also specify the minimum reserve in the warehouse, so that when the goods are written off, the system replenishes the stock automatically.

Sending of order to supplier's CRM or email

The OneBox system has different options for sending an order to your supplier: automatically or manually, by e-mail or in the vendor's CRM system, which is integrated with yours. To automatically generate and send orders to the supplier by email, you must have an automatic action added to the business process, a letter template must be chosen for which the system will create an order, your email address must be registered in your product card. Also you can specify additional conditions that the system will take into account when working with orders.

Integration with Nova Poshta service

When making an order, choose Nova Posta branches or customer address for courier delivery, edit the address in the order card. The OneBox system transfers the weight and size of the goods, as well as the sender's branch number, in advance to make up the cost and shipping route. The order card displays the "Nova Posta" consignment note on which you can track the shipped goods. Express delivery of documents, cargo and parcels is provided by 22 000 employees in 2,300 branches of Nova Posta service. In addition, Nova Poshta provides 1,400 post offices for issuing / receiving parcels and targeted delivery to more than 28,000 settlements. Sending goods through Nova Posta will allow you to speed up the work of managers and improve the quality of service for your customers, thanks to prompt processing of orders and open delivery information.

Integration with InTime delivery service

Integration of your OneBox system and InTime delivery service will allow you in each order card to receive an additional tab that opens a form for managing delivery data via InTime. Thus, the manager making out an order, immediately indicates the terms of delivery in one system, which saves considerable time for the employee and the buyer. As a result, the throughput of each employee increases, profits increase and customer loyalty grows. In your system, fields for entering the branch address from the InTime database will appear.

Integration with Meest Express delivery service

Combine your OneBox system with Meest Express express delivery service, so that in the order card, at the time of registration, fill in the form with the delivery information.
This will shorten the processing time for the order and agree on the terms of delivery with the Meest Express operator. Thus, your managers will manage more, buyers will receive their orders faster, and your profits will grow. In each of the regional centers, as well as in major cities of Ukraine, Meest Express warehouses operate with online registration of goods turnover: posting to the warehouse, transferring for delivery or delivery of goods to the customer from the warehouse. Therefore, your goods are always under control. Also Meest Express in Ukraine has more than 100 divisions and an actively growing network of agency points for receiving and issuing parcels and documents.
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