How to delegate and run a multi-brunch company? Here is an interview with the founder of Say Yes! Photodays
How to manage a team of creative professionals distantly
Тарас Набок
Why business scale up is impossible without standardization and automation
Dmitriy Levoshich interview for Retail Community
Artificial intelligence: exposure of a bot
Interview of the client, who has exposed our neural network
Maxim Miroshnichenko’s interview for Retail Community
Interview I peeped into the Mercedes’ — the same thing. They had not even registered me…
Why CRM system is not a «magical pill»
Maxim Miroshnichenko’s interview for
«To be wild about what you do» — the founder of children’s goods shop «Zhyrafka»  
Business story of Kamyanchenko family from Zaporizhzhia
Тарас Николаевич Набок
How to start a business being on maternity leave: a mother of three children built a company of 160 employees
Brand children's clothing fashionable "Evgakids" on business development and the use OneBox system
From the small shop at the market to the modern business. The history of the watch shop "Hodynnyky-styl".
The use of CRM OneBox in the shop. Interview with the owner of the shop "Godinniki Style" Alexander Mozgovenko.
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