Automatic recruitment of employees

Build an automated business process for recruiting new employees to the company. Place ads on the job site. Based on feedback from candidates for your vacancies, the system will send them tests, screen out non-targeted ones, and invite others to an interview. Further HR will see which of the employees at which stage of employment is located, and the OneBox system will remind you what actions are needed at each stage.

Automation of internships for new employees

Automated internships save time for your HR specialist and help you choose the right candidates. Develop an internship program and transfer it to the business process, which will move the candidate for the position. In the business process, you can clearly define the timeframes for each stage of preparation and set up notifications about the fulfillment and non-fulfillment of the internship tasks.

Automatic dismissal of employees

Set the lowest performance threshold for each role and automated dismissal. This will save time on the procedure of dismissal, relieve of explanations and conversations with an employee who does not cope with the responsibilities of his role. If the manager has reached a critically low efficiency rate, the system will automatically display a pop-up window with notification of termination and instructions for further action.
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