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Dmitriy Levoshich, the Head of sales in WebProduction, took part in “It Biz Awards 2016” contest and passed to its finals. This award is handed in for the best professional achievements to inspire others.

Our “Man of standard”

There was the following question “In your opinion, why should this candidate win?” in the list of questions in the questionnaire. Dmitriy’s colleagues replied, that he inspires them with his approach to his work. He begins every difficult task resolution with its aim definition. He plans the shortest way to achieve the goal and divides it into the stages. After this, he is methodically going for the desired result. Dmitriy is a proponent of discipline and standards. He believes, that small tasks, performed periodically and steadily according to the standards, will guarantee the success.

“IT Biz Awards” will take place very soon

The second annual “IT Biz Awards” award will gather leaders on November 5, 2016 in Ramada Encore hotel to admit their outstanding achievements and excellence. IT professionals in top-management, sales and marketing spheres receive the award, as well as the companies do, for their exceptional contribution, which produced a great impact on the technology, society and development of Ukraine, as an IT-country.

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