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CRM OneBox system

OneBox - this is a constructor, which contains:

Letters and Calls
Stock inventory
Warehouse block will allow:
  • Post your stock to the warehouse;
  • reserve and write off items linked to order;
  • move products between warehouses;
  • provide inventory count;
  • capitalize components and produce goods;
  • write off / move / sell from warehouse using barcode scanner;
  • availability of warehouse operations journal with detailed information.
Sources and ROI of Ads
Block sources and ROI will allow:
  • create all process and contact sources;
  • set up automatic source tracking;
  • see graphs of the number of processes by source;
  • track the success of sources, thanks to the graph of the ratio of created processes and processes that went through the required stage by source;
  • The ROI report for advertising campaigns will calculate the average cost of the stage based on the given indicators.
Block “payroll” will enable:
  • Calculate wages automatically based on employee closed tasks;
  • create a process for the salary issuer;
  • take KPIs into account when calculating salaries.
budget management
Block" BUDGETS" will enable:
  • close the cash gap through budget and commitment management;
  • make automatic deductions and write-offs to budgets;
  • manage budget balances, determine minimum balances;
  • set verification conditions for credits and debits from budgets;
  • link budgets to currency rates;
  • identify who are responsible for budgets.
Mass Mailing
Block “Mass Mailing” will enable:
  • make email, sms… Send to all contacts, or target audience;
  • make a test send and check how the created letter looks in the mailer;
  • create templates;
  • use variables in templates to make emails personalized.
work calendar
Block “work calendar” will enable:
  • create processes;
  • schedule tasks by priority and day;
  • bulk edit processes, change: priority, responsible, due date, source, stage or business process, add a comment.
Block “KPI” will enable:
  • use base (already configured) KPIs to calculate the performance of different roles;
  • set up new KPIs to calculate the required metrics;
  • display KPIs in structure and dashboard;
  • take KPIs into account when calculating salaries.
budget management
Block “budget management” will enable:
  • create unlimited budgets: for each department or line of business;
  • make manual or automatic credits;
  • set up automatic crediting of a certain percentage of incoming payments;
  • fix the stabilization fund (lower threshold) of the budget;
  • prohibit transition to milestone and write-off if the operation results in negative budget balance;
  • bind budget operations to the process, to the client, which will prevent errors in balances.
Built-in online store templates
Block “built-in online store templates” will enable:
  • connect the IM template, which is integrated with OneBox by default;
  • manage site content through OneBox;
  • display products by category, set promotions and discounts;
  • display company information;
  • customize the color scheme of the site;
  • display and change site logo;
  • receive orders in CRM immediately after it is placed on the site.
production management
Block “production management” will enable:
  • create, edit product cards;
  • Post products to the warehouse (both finished products and materials);
  • create passports of manufactured goods (indicating the components in them);
  • produce goods by auto action, which will remove the components from the warehouse and capitalize the finished product;
  • automate stock accounting, set up auto order creation for supplier if goods are low;
  • write off / capitalize / move items using barcode scanner;
  • Automate product write-off / return using business process actions.
Management report
Block “Management report” will enable:
  • see always up-to-date information on sales amount, cost price, margin;
  • track in real time the balance of obligations (yours to a customer, supplier, customers or suppliers to you);
  • build a report on payments for orders with the amounts of incoming, outgoing payments, profitability and balance of obligations in the context of each individual order and for the required period of time.
currencies and margins
Block “currencies and margins” will enable:
  • define the base currency to which all calculations should be converted;
  • create currencies with which you work in the system;
  • set a fixed rate, or set auto-update at the rate: PrivatBank, National Bank of Ukraine, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Interbank.
  • assign currency for orders by BP actions (default is base currency);
  • create markup rules by which the system will automatically recalculate product prices;
  • start recalculation manually when needed;
  • set auto price recalculation by rules.
Mobile App
Block “Mobile App” will enable:
  • have access to work anywhere in the world where there is internet and you can use your smartphone;
  • create and view processes;
  • work with processes: create subprocesses, view and add comments;
  • work with contacts;
  • work with goods, keep inventory: register, move, write off from the warehouse;
  • work with finance: view legal balances. persons adding payment;
  • interface of the menu, dashboard, processes in the mobile application is customizable.
Block “MARKETING” will enable:
  • segment customers and leads by target group;
  • make the most personalized bulk mailing with templates and variables;
  • Track corporate email leads;
  • track order sources;
  • display source performance graphs in the dashboard;
  • analyze the most profitable;
  • by integrating Google Analytics and tracking analytics charts in the dashboard.
Business Process Designer
Block “Business Process Designer” will enable:
  • formalize company processes into a flowchart;
  • automate manual processes such as creating subtasks, sending emails to customers, task reminders, posting products, posting obligations and much more;
  • colorize process steps;
  • define the appearance (composition of fields) of the task in the calendar;
  • customize the interface of each process and each stage separately;
  • display prompts for employees in processes.
work with suppliers
Block “work with suppliers” will enable:
  • create cards in the system of all suppliers you work with;
  • make fast loading of prices from suppliers;
  • define the minimum reserve, and then the system will automatically create an order for the supplier for the missing goods;
  • create orders manually or by business process action;
  • notify the supplier by email or sms if you have a new order;
  • make automatic markups on suppliers' prices according to the configured rules;
  • set the minimum retail price if the product price is below the MRP, OneBox will deliver the product to the MRP;
  • set suggested retail price.
knowledge base and references
Block “knowledge base and references” will enable:
  • create articles and instructions for employees and clients;
  • make instructions mandatory for all employees or for specific roles;
  • use built-in directories: units of measurement, KPI, add your own indicators to them;
  • create your own directories with the necessary information, for example, on the addresses of delivery of goods to customers;
  • using directory automation to auto-fill contact fields with directory data.
HR and frames
Block “HR and frames” will enable:
  • make it easier to find new hires with work;
  • automate communication with the applicant, up to the point that only OneBox communicates with the candidate until the interview: the system itself will communicate with the candidate, send a test task and nothing more after its completion, it will notify you or invite you for an interview;
  • set up an internship template, and then you just have to launch it in a few clicks and control the timing and completion of tasks, receiving notifications about the transition to the next stage or about delay;
  • grant access to trainees in a few seconds by copying them from another employee of the same role.
projects and tasks
Block “projects and tasks” will enable:
  • transfer your plans and affairs to writing processes;
  • schedule processes and distribute by working time;
  • separate global goals (projects) and short-term tasks (tasks) that aim to achieve goals;
  • describe tasks to employees and control whether everything is done and on time;
  • work with tasks within a business process where the algorithm is clearly defined and cannot be circumvented;
  • use automation to perform routine actions: sending letters or questionnaires, reminders of deadlines, creating subtasks, making payments and much more;
  • view scheduled tasks in a way that is familiar and convenient for you: list, calendar or KanBan board, Gantt chart or Timeline, other display methods are available.
dashboard and report builder
Block “dashboard and report builder” will enable:
  • customize and display graphs with employee performance, sales results, performance metrics;
  • Display the same graphs for everyone, or configure the metrics for each role that it works with;
  • collect reports with the information you need;
  • Easily generate different reports: P&L, Cashflow, Balance, report on process payments, products produced, process sales using template blocks;
  • choose which information to display in summary lines;
  • separately configure filters for reports, display only the ones you need.
forecasts and analytics
Block “forecasts and analytics” will enable:
  • see the probability of a successful sale;
  • Build a reverse funnel and plan how many new leads you need to generate to get the right amount of sales in the end;
  • find out ROI of advertising campaigns;
  • receive reports on the success of sources: how many orders were made from each source, the amount of orders, the average bill, the amount of expected payments for the processes of the source.
Organizational structure
Block “Organizational structure” will enable:
  • create and assign roles to colleagues;
  • assign multiple roles to employees;
  • visually see the structure of the subordination of roles in graphical form;
  • see always up-to-date information on the composition of roles, the information on the structure page will be updated automatically when the role in the card of one of the employees is changed, hired or fired;
  • use the subordination structure in work: distribute tasks to employee managers, leave notifications in tasks of subordinate employees;
  • configure KPIs for a role and display performance metrics in a framework that creates a healthy competitive spirit;
  • create work standards in the knowledge base and specify the roles whose employees must read the manual.
contact forms
Block “contact forms” will enable:
  • create: feedback forms, questionnaires, questionnaires in a simple and convenient form designer;
  • display forms in your account or send to a client by email;
  • receive feedback from customers in the form of completed form processes;
  • which fields to display in the form, their explanation (if required), and which of them must be required for filling you define yourself;
  • and the constructor will also allow you to set: parent process for all form tasks, button name “Send”, text after successful form filling, title, form description and more.
application catalog
Block “application catalog” will enable:
  • choose and connect the applications you need, currently there are about 200;
  • get the functionality of the application in the system after connecting (before that it is not available so as not to load your OneBox with unnecessary data);
  • sort applications by category, free / paid, all or just installed for easy search and connection;
  • see top apps;
  • and also connect the workshop module, with its help add your blocks to the process and display information on them.
Block “Billing” will enable:
  • keep financial records: see the actual planned amount of expected payments based on the orders placed, plan expenses, post the received payments with reference to the order and the client;
  • create accounts (wallets) linked to legal entities. persons and track their balance in various reports;
  • receive automatic notifications that the amount of proceeds from legal purses. faces have reached their limit;
  • distribute payments by category and fund;
  • keep track of the balance of obligations in working with clients and suppliers;
  • automatically allocate funds to budgets as a percentage of payments received.
Document flow
Block “Documents” will enable:
  • create documents in a few clicks using previously configured templates;
  • upload scanned copies of documents signed by the client to his order;
  • send documents to the process client by email;
  • view a list of all created documents in a convenient, visual format;
  • receive automatic issue if document expires;
  • convert original / copy file to another format.
Client's personal account
Client cabinet block will allow:
  • for the client to get quick access to orders: track the status, ask questions about each individual request, communicating directly with the person in charge;
  • the manager can communicate with the client within the process without leaving the CRM;
  • make payments linked to the order: the payment is sent to the paid order, and is immediately taken into account in reports and calculation of obligations;
  • display products and create orders;
  • work with partners;
  • work with finances: track payments and receipts;
  • Dropshipping;
  • write and display articles, news, notes for clients;
  • track the accrual and write-off of bonuses;
  • and more.
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Interface Examples OneBox

A user-friendly interface will allow you to implement OneBox without much difficulty. OneBox feature is that you can customize the interface for each employee, for each role, for each company process independently through an intuitive menu interface designer. You like minimalism? No question, leave only the data you want to see. Your employees want to see as much information as possible? You don't need to be a programmer to set up the output of the required data in 5-7 minutes.


5 reasons to choose OneBox:CRM+ERP

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - this is your customer relationship management system (external counterparties).
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - This is an enterprise internal resource management system for securing external obligations.
By combining these two products in a single OneBox solution, you get the most out of your business.
  • 1 Full management of all departments in a single solution.
  • 2 Eliminates human error.
  • 3 Removes routine from your work. Anything non-human can do is OneBox.
  • 4 Ability to work from anywhere in the world, without being tied to a workplace.
  • 5 Your tasks, notifications, messages will never get lost.

Goodies from OneBox

OneBox - This is a complete solution for large businesses (1000+ employees) and for an average of 10 or more employees. OneBox has efficient solutions that you don't need program, you can use them now. Namely:
  • Automatic download of prices from your suppliers or partners
  • Automatically enter finance for the necessary transactions / orders, without human intervention
  • Connecting your telephony, mail, messengers. You can chat without leaving OneBox
  • System of quality checks and compliance with mandatory requirements
  • Management report. You will be able to see your real margin, profitability, payback
In addition to the standard features found in most CRMs or ERPs, OneBox has unique capabilities to automate your business.


OneBox provides plugin creation and API support. Special Workshop application available to all OneBox owners:
  • connect external visual HTML blocks
  • sync OneBox with external databases
  • create your own apps and put them in the OneBox market
API constructor. Create your own REST / POST requests through the visual UI editor.
CREATE HTML INSERTS. You can create a unique external HTML block for yourself or your clients.
DOCUMENTATION FOR EXTERNAL DEVELOPERS. Use our documentation to develop and create unique OneBox applications.

In general, OneBox can be connected to your website, 1C accounting, Google services and other external tools that you can use.

reasons why CRM
safer than human
  • №1 CRM - works seven days a week
  • №2 learn CRM - does not ask for a salary increase
  • №3 learn CRM - cannot quit
  • №4 learn CRM - can't sleep for an important meeting
  • №5 learn CRM - no motivation needed to work
  • №6 learn CRM - won't pass to a competitor
  • №7 learn CRM - will not go on maternity leave

OneBox Advantages: CRM + ERP Over Others, similar products


OneBox - is a cross-platform CRM and ERP that allows you to work from anywhere in the world. You are not Depend on your workplace and can work from laptop, tablet, phone.

You are the real master of CRM and ERP. OneBox allows you to manage automation settings without attract programmers. This way you save money, time to change working conditions Software. No other CRM or ERP gives you this capability.

We can say a lot that OneBox is a unique solution and there are no analogues on the market yet CIS. In short,:

  • license redemption option
  • OneBox - this is a constructor you can put together perfectly to fit your needs
  • requires almost no programmers for customization
  • the most efficient solution in terms of price and opportunity

Injection OneBox: CRM+ERP

We provide the most efficient ways to implement OneBox. Anyone can choose a way self injection.
With Junior Implementation Specialist.
This is the cheapest service. If you are ready to spend 2-3 hours a day on implementation, delve into details then this is the best choice for you.
With a senior implementation specialist.
This service is interesting for those who want to spend up to an hour a day and not delve deeply into setup process details. The senior specialist will take the most of the work.
With external integrator.
This service is designed for the most complex CRM / ERP implementation projects. External The integrator is able to solve open problems, take on turnkey projects.

OneBox: CRM + ERP - This is a unique product with great potential. This is a constructor that fits your needs perfectly. The product is fully prepared for the CIS market. We work in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. You can view our product remotely, or come to our office.

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Real reviews
Антон Ольховский
Выржаю огромную благодарность Пятецкому Николаю за помощь по внедрению настроек в CRM и если бы можно было поставить баллы, то я бы нажал 100 из 100 !!!
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Дмитрий Савчук
Мы Ваши одни из давних клиентов, в процессе работы постоянно заказываем доработки, долго с Вами работаем, рекламируем систему OneBox всем, кто к нам обращался с просьбой дать независимую оценку. Но наше с Вами сотрудничество очень сильно омрачает ненормальное отношение и безалаберное выполнение договорных обязанностей, с которыми мы встретились в одной из последних задач....
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Сергей Филоненко
Понравилась супер возможность кастомизации под свои задачи, богатый функционал, открытое апи для обмена данными с сайтом, товарные остатки/номенклатура... (возможность отказаться от 1С), полноценная црм система для работы с клиентами, поддержка молодцы если и плужат то извиняются и делают все что бы клиенту было удобно а это очень важно, буду разбираться дальше думаю еще увижу...
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