Automatic collection of letters in the contact card

All the letters of the people with whom you are communicating are collected in their contact cards and stored in the system. They are available in a common database under the "Events" tab, and you can always see them in the contact card. In addition to letters, the card contains the whole history of communication, tasks, orders, projects related to this person or company, addresses, numbers and payments of this contact.

Automatic formation of email chains

The OneBox system analyzes the consistency of letters in projects that have been successfully closed. Based on this experience, the OneBox system tells you the chain of communications, which will most likely lead you to the successful completion of interaction with the client.

Access rights to emails and mailboxes

In the OneBox system, you can set up access rights for each post in detail, and you can configure individual access rights for each individual in the parameters of his contact card. You can configure who will see what messages and what will not. Specify who and what boxes opens and maintains correspondence, and hide the remaining boxes.

Built-in email client

You can receive letters, write answers and view the history of correspondence with customers and partners, while in the OneBox system and without opening third-party applications for access to the mail. To do this, OneBox has a built-in mail client. Moreover, the system can create new tasks and orders on the basis of incoming letters, which will be added to the calendars of the employees indicated by you or to the general queue of tasks. You can send an email directly from the order or task window.

Built-in ticket system integrated with workflows

The OneBox system has a built-in ticket system, which will be integrated with your company's business processes. If your contact center accepts online orders, each new call will automatically generate a ticket with a unique number. OneBox will inform the client of its ticket number and the name of the employee, so that the client keeps track of the status of resolving his issue.

Email trasnformation into tasks

Automate the process of creating tasks based on incoming emails in order to save a lot of time and monitor all incoming messages to the corporate email. Managers will not miss a single call and automatically receive tasks in the OneBox system calendar. Further, these tasks can be checked, automated their control and receive statistics. You just need to configure the "picking up" of emails from the mail to the system, set up every minute automatic action — "Turn letter into task" is a function that causes OneBox to check the mailbox specified in the settings once a minute and transform every new message into a task in the calendar.

Recognition of stop-words in email correspondence

In order to control all corporate letters, they had to be re-read before, which is a very laborious task and it took a lot of time. While you reread all the letters of subordinates, they will receive and send new letters during this time and so on in a circle. But with the OneBox system, you only need to decide two things: what stop words are you looking for in your managers' correspondence and how do you want the system to notify you if you find stop words.

Bulk mailings

Your OneBox system offers you an automated mass mailing that will become a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones. Open your contact database, filter out the group of recipients you need, create a letter or select a template, run the newsletter and do your own business. The OneBox system will automatically send out letters in the specified portions, at the time specified by you. In each letter, add variables, for example, the variable name and in each letter will be a reference to the client by name. Proper use of this option will lead to increased awareness of your company and increased sales.

Bulk SMS dispatch

Inform your customers about your events, promotions and other activities through mass SMS-mailing. This is very simple: the buttons for mass actions are located at the bottom of the screen in any of the options for displaying contacts. Filter the contacts according to the required characteristics and start the mailing. For efficiency, you can use the insertion of text templates. SMS-distribution is possible in case of setting integration with the service of mailings, in OneBox there is integration by default with the service TurboSMS.

Automation of email series

Set up an automated series of letters in the OneBox system that will send letters to customers while you are busy with your own affairs. For this, there are different settings for the mailing scenario. You can run several parallel distribution campaigns on different days. You can set up that the B broadcast is launched after the distribution A. The system can respond to the client's response — transfer the task to the next stage of the business process, if the customer has responded to the letter, and the next stage in turn will also automatically send the letter with the new template.

Automation of SMS series

OneBox system allows you to communicate with customers without your participation in the automatic mode. To do this, your system has an automatic SMS sending action that you can add to any stage of the business process. If the condition you specify appears in the stage: a sales order, a customer response, and so on are received, then OneBox will respond to the client's actions — transfer the process to a new stage and send a message to the client.

Trigger emails

Trigger letters have become a proven and habitual for many attribute of increasing customer loyalty. The essence of such letters is that they are sent in response to some action or inaction of existing customers in order to keep them, offer additional goods, services or remind oneself. This can be a welcome letter for registered users, a letter confirming the successful completion of the order, a letter with additional offers, a reminder of the unfinished order, a reminder of the goods viewed or a congratulation on the holidays. Configure your options for trigger messages in the OneBox system.

Trigger SMS

The OneBox system allows you to send SMS messages directly from your system's window in one click, and also conducts mass mailings and sends trigger messages in response to the action or inaction of your client. In order for your clients to automatically receive trigger notifications on a mobile phone, specify the conditions under which OneBox will do this and integrate the system with the SMS distribution module.

Integration with the SendPulse

If you have an account in the SendPulse service, then you can link your OneBox system and your account. In this way, the SendPulse service will be able to send messages and notifications to your contact database, as well as send reports to your system about the reactions and behavior of your customers. If you integrate your OneBox system with your SendPulse office, you will be able to send PUSH notices directly from your OneBox system to employees, customers and partners. Messages from OneBox via the SendPulse service will be sent to your recipients, and their history, status and statistics will be displayed in your SendPulse office.

Integration with UniSender service

The UniSender service integrated with your OneBox system uses your address database to send out, while ensuring complete confidentiality of your database. Create templates for text or html letters without the html programming skills, thanks to the intuitive interface for writing letters that adapts your letters to phones and other devices. In addition, UniSender provides more than 100 templates, personalization of letters and forms reports on advertising campaigns.

Integration with InfoBIP

Integrate your account in the InfoBIP service with your OneBox system and receive information from InfoBIP about all communications with your customers through the chat services provided by the InfoBIP service, PUSH notifications, email and SMS. To configure the integration — leave an application to your manager.

Integration with TurboSMS

Use the unlimited possibilities of sending SMS messages from the OneBox system through the TurboSMS service. This allows you to start sending mass SMS messages to certain categories of contacts, configure automated trigger mailings, receive system notifications about important events for you in the company, notify customers and remind them about yourself. If you already have a TurboSMS account, then the integration setup takes you only a couple of minutes.

Integration with AlphaSMS service

If you want to reach each customer through his phone, you can use the AlphaSMS service integrated with your OneBox system. Such a solution will allow you to customize the business processes on your system, in which automatically your customers will be sent messages about successful registration, confirmed order, as well as updates, promotions and hot offers.

Support for different email templates

The OneBox system allows you to create an unlimited number of letter templates and use them for your advertising mailings, system notifications and trigger letters. Create different templates for each separate stage of the business process, add the necessary variables to the templates so that the system substitutes customer data in the letters.

Support for plain text and HTML emails

Stay in touch with customers through emails. In the OneBox system, you can create different email templates without any third-party services and run mailings. Letters can be textual, and can be HTML-letters with pictures and links. At the same time, you do not need to know how to write HTML code. For convenience, the editor is easy to understand in the system, even for beginners.

Scheduling of mailings to specific dates

Set up mailing letters on holidays to go on vacation while your OneBox system will dutifully send letters. The dispatch will be automatically launched at the scheduled time by the specified group of addresses, certain portions of letters per hour and with the substituted personal data: names, addresses depending on the time of day, taking into account the goods viewed.

Integration with any kind of corporate email via IMAP

Access from OneBox to corporate mail via IMAP provides you with extensive opportunities to work with mailboxes located on the central server. OneBox accesses the repository on the server as if they were stored on your computer. E-mails can be controlled from your computer without a constant transfer from the server and back files with full content of emails.

Integration with any kind of corporate email via SMTP

To send mail from corporate mail, the OneBox system uses the SMTP protocol, which allows you to work with your mail without leaving the system. To send emails, notifications, and run mass email messages from your corporate mail, integrate your mail with the OneBox system.

Integration with Gmail

If you use a corporate mailbox on a Gmail domain and want to use all the email automation features in the OneBox system, integrate your inbox with OneBox. This will allow you to configure automated responses to customer requests, run automated mailings, receive incoming emails in the form of tasks in your calendar.
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