"Dobroznak" - award agency

Printing and publishing

The range includes: awards, medals, badges, diplomas, Souvenirs and more. Additionally, the Agency provides services for the identification of products: the image drawing, engraving, sublimation, manufacturer nameplates. The company has its own production facilities. This allows the manufacture of premium and gift products according to customer's design or performance options offered by the Agency. As a result, the client gets exclusive products according to their financial capabilities and taste.

2017-12-22 09:52:15 Ирина
Могу ли заказать собственный дизайн медалей? У меня есть готовый макет, нужно только согласовать детали
2017-12-22 09:54:58 Богдан
Доброе утро, Ирина!
Вы можете обратится в компанию Добрознак и они смогут помочь Вам в решении данного вопроса =)
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