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Why do we want to teach for free?

Because we and our clients create vacancies, which require employees with the CRM operating skills and we train new employees ourselves. As a rule, universities’ graduates and applicants have no experience of working with CRM systems, which are widely used in modern companies.

OneBox group of companies has successfully implemented OneBox CRM system in more than 1500 companies of its clients, which are interested in employing people, who are ready to work in OneBox. Our company’s processes are built on the basis of the same system, and we also look for employees for various positions.

Who are we waiting for?

  • 1 Managers and leading employees of companies, which stand on the verge of implementing a management system.
  • 2 Specialists of the companies, where the CRM system is already in operation.
  • 3 Students graduating from educational institutions.

Even applicants without any work experience, but with a desire to learn and develop, will undergo an internship and get a decent job on the posts connected with IT technologies.

After the registration and successful completion of the internship, an applicant will be employed in one of the branches of OneBox group of companies or his/her CV together with a recommendation letter from OneBox group will be sent to all the companies, which use OneBox.

Every graduate of the CRM School gets a certificate

Training Course Content

OneBox on-line system is a basis of CRM School. It contains a functional that helps to solve complex tasks. Among the opportunities included in the on-line product for doing business and those, which are studied during the lessons at school, you can find the following:

1. Creation and management of contact and product databases.

2. Creation and control of working processes.

3. Accounting of material and financial assets, their management.

4. Maintenance of the orders database, coordination of sales prices with suppliers' price lists.

5. Creation of sales funnels and keeping them up to date.

6. Setting up and executing SMS and emails sending.

7. Supervision of activities of employees, company departments and the company in general.

8. Study of productivity of the actions performed.


Completion of the training course at CRM School is almost 100% guarantee of your further employment for some IT position.

Our graduates have three ways to get the work of their dreams:
  • If you showed excellent results while studying at CRM School, then we would give you a job in OneBox group of companies.
  • We recommend our graduates to all the companies, which use the OneBox system. Together they make more than 1500 companies interested in trained CRM-specialists.
  • We also provide you with the contact information of the core business companies located in your city, in which there are vacancies for appropriate specialists.


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