CRM audit

According to Gartner already by 2018 "robobosses" will supervise the work of more than 3 million workers worldwide.

Demand for software is growing, the market offers many solutions. If you buy CRM not for the sake of the world trend, but for the result, you need to carefully approach the choice.

The new service — CRM audit — makes it clear which CRM functions your business needs. This will help determine the goals and find the tools to achieve.

Why do we do this?

To develop consulting and business analytics in Ukraine. To ensure that all the implementation of CRM and IT-solutions were most effective and helped the business. That there was no "software for the sake of software."

Audit your company

We will get acquainted with the structure of the company, each department and key employees. We will listen to your needs. Provide an individual list — what to improve in your business with the help of CRM and how to do it.

You will learn the benefits of CRM for your business, how long it will take to implement. What are the expected results from CRM, which should not be, what resources will need to be involved in the process. You can choose the really necessary solution for you on the market of CRM systems.

CRM audit saves you time

Do not spend months studying different programs for business, viewing hundreds of presentations and lengthy negotiations with sales managers. We will study your business and develop an individual list of recommended software features.

CRM audit saves you money

Acquisition of CRM can be a waste of money, if the choice to be taken care of. As bought "on the eye" part of the car: it may not come up and be useless.

It is worth turning to a specialist. CRM audit will diagnose and indicate what "details" your company needs and how they will work.

CRM audit analyzes:

- Hiring and organizational structure;
- Sales, management and process management;
- Financial, warehouse and management accounting;
- Production and workflow.

Experts listen to the needs of the customer. They get acquainted with the structure of the company, each department and key employees. Test the business processes of the enterprise. Provide the customer with advice based on the collected data.


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