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The online shop Yazz.com.ua presents a wide range of fishing rods, reels and tackles for different taste, age and level of fishing skill. Yazz - the best online store for a real angler!

Denis Miroshnichenko, shop “Yazz”
2016-12-06 15:07:33
The work of managers is completely based on work in the OneBox system. One manager can easy serve up to 30 customer orders a day, keep in touch with suppliers, make orders, make payments and still have time to advise other customers. Imagine: an order arrived, the manager contacted, clarified the data on the shipment, transferred the status in the business process to the fact that the order was confirmed and this is all. The necessary goods appeared in the necessary orders to suppliers. It remains only to form an order and e-mail it to supplier at a certain time, to which he takes orders.
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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