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LLC "TSB AUTO" is the official Ukrainian importer of Otani tires since 2015. This brand has already won the recognition of transport enterprises in Ukraine. The quality of Otani tires is tested within the production cycle with X-ray control and electronic weight control of the product.

Maxim Kozyar, TSB AUTO
2016-08-05 11:35:15
It is a great upcoming tool.
It is a good competitor to Bitrix.
There is something to work on for guys in the financial contour and logistics
The main thing is that kerosene does not run out.
The business model needs to be worked further. And marketing.
Generally positive. Young.
And most importantly that it is our own native product, good one in general.
There is not enough business expertise.
But there is enough willingness to grow and change.
We passed through different stages - generally I'm satisfied.
I think we'll have everything with them all right and long-term.
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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