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Flosal is a company specializing in the sale of medical products. The company for a long time is the exclusive distributor of world pharmacological companies' goods in the Ukrainian market. Specialists of Flosal peg away over the development of innovative techniques in the field of medications each day. Besides this, regular trainings and training courses for doctors on the latest medical technologies are held.

Anna Edelstein, Flosal
2017-02-08 15:18:17
We have been working with the ONE BOX CRM system for over 1.5 years. With the help of the system, it was possible to optimize the work of employees and management of the client base. In our opinion, there are some possibilities in the system that should be improved. We have many ideas for improving the system and we hope that WebProduction personnel will implement them. We are very satisfied with the work of technical support: they respond and carry out the assigned tasks promptly.
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