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Evgenia Lukash, Company «Evgakids»
2016-12-06 15:10:29
At first, our company used 1C, but soon found out its inefficiency. It was unrealistic to manage with customers and orders. The program does not have a number of modern functions such as a sales funnel; it does not record customer appeals without a purchase fact.
It became clear that we need to automate the work with customers and orders from the website. Therefore, "Evgakids" turned to professionals for help - the company WebProduction.
"If earlier it was possible in business to fly like on balloon – where the wind would blow, now you can to "fly" strictly according to flight instruments and control the flight," says Evgenia Lukash. CRM-system OneBox became this "flight instrument".
OneBox allowed automating the sales process, working with customers and significantly improving the efficiency of the business as a whole. OneBox helps to optimize the setting of tasks for employees, choose the best performers and increase the probability of an effective deal.
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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