NZIM- preparations of microbiological synthesis

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The only in Ukraine large industrial enterprise producing biotechnological products with the use of microbial synthesis technologies.

Anton Iumaev
2017-03-16 11:59:46
We liked the flexibility of the system and accessibility of the developers, since the company is located neighboring to ours. We made a choice from several CRM systems, in terms of price-quality ratio and made by Ukrainian developers. Prior to this, we didn't use any CRM system, only 1C. The specificity of the product is built in such a way that it can be implemented and improved right along. The reaction of the staff is quite fast. But sometimes misunderstandings of the one who is taking up the revision appear. Because the implementation was executed by the one outsider person, and technical, problematic issues were solved with many others. There are not enough communication and promptness in solving problems.
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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