CRM- system for Easypay payment service

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Easypay is a popular among users, convenient system for payments on the Internet. With Easypay you can quickly replenish your mobile, pay accommodation utilities and other payments. Using the system, you can pay any account according to payment requisites, as well as make the necessary deductions to the budget (single tax, social contribution, etc.). Easypay system guarantees the full security of your payments. WebProduction provided a CRM-system for Easypay.

Pavel Iaroshenko
2017-03-01 00:35:08
We carefully selected a software solution taking into consideration the specifics of our activities and fixed on the CRM OneBox.

Not to lose the client focus in favor of settlement operations: CRM OneBox helps us stay comfortable and responsive. At the first presentation we were able to customize the logic of one of our business processes. Understanding, efficiency, functionality and constant improvement - accompany our cooperation.
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