"Drukaryk" - polygraphy

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Alexander Guliaev
2016-12-27 11:50:51
I have already use Box for 9 months. Good reasons to implement your product was a manager' promise that I can keep records in Box and no other program I would need. Unfortunately, after many attempts to adjust registration records (at least debit accounting and inventory control), I thought it was impossible. The reason: the absence of double record in the accounts and the implementation of financial and stock control in some very strange methods. But, overall, I'm very pleased the program - Box opportunities far exceeded my expectations. Now, this question is to connoisseurs. Are you going to add a proper accounting block to the program? Maybe it is impossible to create a full accounting for large enterprises (too large and diverse requirements), but small businesses use simple accounting rules and will be able to have in one place both CRM and accounting software (primarily for internal accounting).
CRM for the lazy egoists.
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