Client’s personal account

This is a free OneBox addition, which provides all the information about your company to your clients.

Unique capabilities of the account

Personal account creates customer loyalty and results is repeated sales.
It also saves resources for processing orders and requests.
Billing. Client manages his balance and personal data

Your clients do not need to call your managers to edit the profile: delivery address, phone number and other fields.

A user can open “My settings” tab in his personal account and edits his data for this.

The personal account is always open to the client. He can see the balance, replenish it and manage his expenses without having to contact the call-center.
Client’s account sells
via mobile app
Your clients can login to their personal account from their mobile device at any time.

They should download free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for this and install it on their smartphones and tablets.

The mobile device is provided by OneBox developers.
One-time registration and
repeated sales
A customer fills in a registration form only during the first visit of the website. The address and other customer’s data get pulled in automatically, when placing the order from personal account then. This speeds up the process of placing order significantly.

Sales can be run at any time without calls to managers. Client’s account shows the actual availability of goods at the storehouse. User can view products, add them to the shopping cart and see the total sum on his own. The system reserves goods automatically upon the order confirmation without involvement of a manager and puts a new order into the queue. This reduces the workload of the personnel.

Client can see his discount, which can dynamically change based on the goods chosen.
Open history of interactions
The personal account contains the following sections:
  • My events — the tab shows the history of calls, emails and messages to and from the client.
  • My tasks — it displays stages of the execution and statuses of tasks, which were set by the client.
  • My documents — all documentation on the deals, which you may need to refer to, organized in client’s personal account.
Work with partners
There is “Referrals” section for the partners, who bring new customers – referrals. It displays the list of new clients, brought by the partner.

The rate of interest of every referral’s deal is displayed in partner’s personal account.

You should simply login to the personal account to verify the order, the partner sees the same info about the orders, as his supplier does. All payment history, the total of all orders and financial obligations are available in personal account.


Considering the features mentioned above, it can be concluded, that personal account is a useful development both for clients and for business. The customer manages his data, accounts, services, he can see all the history of interactions. Enterprise saves the human resource and salary fund, and also gets information about the users and their behavior on the website.

If your business receives orders or requests online, the benefit of use of personal account is obvious. To evaluate it in practice, please contact our specialists.