Constructor of business-processes

Business Processes (BPM)

Setting up business processes in the OneBox system is implemented in such a way that, under the changing situation in the market, you quickly correct the company's work without attracting programmers to help and without losing time. The settings are intuitively understandable, as a children's designer. You build a business process from the cubes you need, the stages you call the way you need: "repeated call", "order formation", "receipt of payment" and so on. You specify automatic actions, notifications and prompts for each step. You decide in what order the employee will go through the stages and put the graphic arrows between them. For the OneBox system, the arrows are commands that the system executes and maintains the manager strictly according to the specified path. At each stage, you add those automatic actions and checks that the system will need to perform. Thus, your company's processes are automated and systemic, which will allow the system to monitor performance standards.
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