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Who we are and what we do?

WebProduction Company develops, supports and promotes its products:


CRM (ERP, OneBox)
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OneBox E-Commerce

Engine for online stores
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CRM School

Learning the basics of CRM and ERP
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We develop and support CRM + ERP OneBox system and on its basis we help to automatize, improve and build effective businesses of our clients.

Work process

Our clients

Банк Траст
CRM-system for Nokian online store
Online store for TM Roshen
Fozzy Group
Internet-Projects for Mizol
Good Food


CRM-system OneBox Next with artificial intelligence was announced This new program can independently communicate with customers and partners, make decisions, generate and solve issues instead of employees, find new leads. This is a robot secretary and robot administrator.
CRM-система OneBox доступна в Киеве Компания WebProduction открыла официальное представительство в Киеве. Основная деятельность компании сосредоточена   на разработке и внедрении системы   управления и автоматизации бизнеса   OneBox CRM, ERP, BPM.